Three more arrested for gold smuggling

Three more people have been detained in connection with the gold smuggling case that came to light on August 27 when customs apprehended two people at the Paro International Airport.

The two men, returning from Bangkok, were carrying 11.045 kgs of gold. Police said that the suspects said they paid Nu 30 mn for the gold in Bangkok.

“We got prior information on the case and seeking help from custom we managed to get hold of the culprits,” police said.

Police said that of the three suspects two have a share and the third was providing assistance.

The helper is a technician working in Paro International Airport. Police said that by law a Bhutanese is allowed to take put of the country a maximum of USD 10,000 a person.  The technician helped them carry more hard currency.

“The technician helped the two suspects in reaching their money (USD) to the aircraft,” police said.

Police said of the five arrested, three own the smuggled gold. The fourth, a corporate employee, is a carrier and the fifth person is the technician.

All the suspects are in 30’s of which three are businessmen.

The gold has been handed over to RMA for safe custody.

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