Three nabbed for gang rape

A mobile phone picture helped Thimphu police arrest the three men who raped a 31 year old woman near the Centenary Farmers Market (CMF) in Thimphu.

The men aged 34,37 and 38 were arrested the same day the crime was committed. A person waiting in a car near the farmer’s market took the picture of the three men jumping from a fence.

She had noticed that three men were taking a woman to an enclosed area near the farmer’s market and one of them came out to see if anyone was coming.

The medical report confirmed that the 31 year old had been raped and later, on 15 August, she was found dead in her house. It was learned that the deceased was suffering from heart disease.

Last month Thimphu police received a complaint from a woman in her mid 20s alleging that two men had raped her on the way to Kuenselphodrang, Thimphu, and that she was forced to sniff dendrite.

However police, on investigation, found that the woman uses dendrite and had made up the story.

Police said that, in such case, a person will be liable for false information and in addition, if a person is accused of rape the accused can charge for defamation.

According to Penal code of Bhutan 2004, section 427 states that, the offence of reporting false information shall be a petty misdemeanor.


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