Three open heart surgeries to be sponsored by Bangkok heart hospital

This was possible due to the Bangkok hospital offering its services to His Majesty the King 

Two doctors from Bangkok are currently in the capital to check children suffering from heart diseases. Moreover three major cases that need open-heart surgery will be sponsored by the Bangkok Heart hospital.

The cost for each surgery which is US$ 20,000 will be borne by the Bangkok hospital. The doctors who came to Bhutan on 18 March will leave the country today.

The sponsorship for the three heart surgeries was offered to His Majesty by the Bangkok hospital.

The Assistant Hospital Director of Bangkok Heart hospital Dr. Chanrit Lawthaweesawat, said that after the check up, they will screen out the patients and those who need the surgery the most will be given the opportunity to come to Bangkok hospital where open-heart surgery will be performed.

A total of more than 16 patients with heart diseases lined up at the hospital of which  the three neediest will be sponsored for the Open heart surgery.

The three selected patients will be called one-by-one for the surgery said Dr. Chanrit Lawthaweesawat. Other expenses besides the surgery expenses will also be borne by the Bangkok hospital.

Talking to some of the parents of the patients, many said it was a good cause initiated by the Bangkok doctors and they are happy. They also thanked His Majesty the King due to whom the lives of their children can be saved.


Chencho Dema / Thimphu

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