Three principals appointed as Dungpas

Karma Dhendup,    Sonam Dorji,   Jamyang Cheda

Yesterday in Thimphu, three principals were officially appointed as Dungpas of various Dungkhags .

Sonam Dorji, 43, Karma Dhendup, 43, , and Jamyang Cheda, 42 were the three appointees.

Sonam Dorji was the principal of Wangdue Lower Secondary School before being appointed the Dungpa of Sakteng, Trashigang. He is popularly known as  “Olympic”.

During Sonam Dorji’s school days, he was considered an all rounder, especially when it came to sports.

He also served as a principal of Gaumey Lower Secondary School (now Yoelselts Middle Secondary School) from 1998 till 2007.

Sonam Dorji  joined the teaching profession in 1990 and also served as a top security official at Chukhha.

Two years later, he was appointed as the head master of Daifam Primary School under Samdrup Jongkhar  where he served till 2006.

Sonam Dorji has two children and he loves spending his leisure time playing sports and updating himself on current affairs.

“My interest lies in political issues.”

A Manchester United fan, his favorite sportsmen are Rooney and Travis.

Karma Dhendup, principal of Phuentsholing Middle Secondary School,  was appointed as the Dungpa of Lingzhi Dungkhag.

Karma Dhendup may come as a colorful character, someone who apart from taking long strolls loves reading and playing archery. His favorite author is  Danielle Steel and he idolizes the Indian Southern  movie star actor Rajnikanth.

While he likes the way Danielle Steel touches hearts with her novels,  he simply loves the way Rajnikanth displays his legendary  lopsided grin, all the while turning the pistol and sporting a cigarette  between his lips.

Karma Dhendup, a father of five, was a Dzongkhag Education Officer (DEO) in Chukhha for four years prior to his current post. Before that he served as a principal for five years in Zhemgang Higher Secondary School from 2002.

Earlier, he served as a Science teacher in Phuentsholing Junior High School  and Motithang Higher Secondary School.

He completed his Class XII from Sherubtse College and then moved on to complete his B.Ed from Samtse, finally completing his Masters in Science from Mahidrol University in Bangkok.

Jamyang Cheda, principal of Damphu Higher Secondary School was appointed as the Dungpa of Wringla at Mongar.

Jamyang, whose favourite pastime comprises reading and meditation is a lover of Bhutanese music.

He enjoys listening to Bedra, Zhungdra, and a little of Rigsar. His current favorite singer is Jampel Yangzom. Jamyang who is a father of two has been the principal in his current school for five years now.

Before that,  he was the DEO at Trashiyangtse from 2003 till 2007 and prior to that he was the principal of Bajothang Higher Secondary School at Wangdue from 2002 till 2003.

From 1995 till 1999 he was working as a Math teacher at Punakha Higher Secondary School.

Jamyang passed his XII standard from Sherubste College, did his B.Ed from Samtse and finally completed his Masters in Education from the University of Sydney, Australia.

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  1. Principals and teachers are no more safe in the society because even parents can beat, kick them……  

    Teachers are great and they can always be an asset to us in any profession……

  2. Many more principals will follow the foot steps of the three Dashos as the MoE miserably failed, fails, and will fail in the years to come to retain these capable people in the system because MoE never has taken any serious measures to encourage good people to remain in the system…….Given the opportunity about 95% of the people working in MoE will move out as we can see very bleak future……unless some useless people in MoE head Qtrs. are removed……………………………………………….

  3. well I fail to see why some people (maybe most?) think that becoming a Dungpa or DEO is a step up. yeah maybe in terms of the PCS the perks and salary are better, I dont’ know. But you just enter a new chain of command where you are closer to the bottom than to the top. Whereas a Principal really is the top in a school and cannot be treated as just another bureaucrat in a long chain. A good principal can make a huge difference in the lives of hundreds and thousands of children. I don’t know why principals want to leave the profession and become bureaucrats.

  4. Ministry of Home and cultural affairs is in desperate shortage of manpower to the extend that every time they have to take teachers to fill their post as Dungpas. What a pity….. Next time they will have to establish Dungpa training institute… so that they dont have to disturb the teachers

  5. Well, there is no harm in principals becoming dungpas and dzongrabs. But can principals/educators become good administrators? They are not going to deal with children then. Civil servants may not like them to be treated like school children.

    • What about other principal-Ngalam LSS. I read in yesterday’s issue of kuensel. How do THE BHUTANESE  feel? who would be not right?

    • Teachers teach human being and i don’t think civil servants are animals. Only zoo keepers and coaches need different training?

  6. I dont know how dungpa’s are appointed. is there any criteria..??? this govt is corrupt appointing.. Thakur is favouring his own people

  7. Wish MOE to be efficient just once in a while. People in ground level are made to work like asses… while some sits and spins on a rotating chairs….

  8. Tashi Delek to Dasho Sonam Dorji. You are good from heart, so you deserve.

  9. Sorry it was not in Kuensel but in yesterday’s issue of BHUTAN TODAY.

  10. aguyfromjamkhar

    Anyone can become anyone; None should blame to becoming anyone. To become anyone as like it is not a privilege. It is a right of being a Bhutanese. Just accept it. Nothing is particularly made for civil servants only. Don’t misunderstand or don’t misinterpret that teachers are not civil servants, who says? For instance, i also know that majority of non-technical graduates joined civil servants merely through tying their luck in RCSE selection exams. Remember this. Don’t blame Home Ministry, the ministry has given an open opportunity, not only for teachers. I heard the number of applicants from other ministries were double, none could get through, except these three principals. CONGRATULATION!

  11. Gaumey Lower Secondary School (now Yoelselts Middle Secondary School) …where is this school in Samtse. 

    and please do tell me where this place is too..Wringla at Mongar.

    i think it should be Gumauney LSS, and Weringla at Mongar.

    neways wat do i kno.

  12. wtf………..

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