Three year old child drowns to death

A floating body of a three-year old girl child was spotted in the Dangchhu River in Wangduephodrang on 26th April, after the child had gone missing a day earlier.

The body was found downstream of the river, about 30 meters away from the house of the deceased child.

The child had gone missing during an annual ritual taking place in her house of 25th April.

There were attempts made by a search party comprising family members and villagers to find the missing child. The police, after receiving a missing persons’ report, also went in a search of the child. The search party was called off as soon as the family found the body of the girl floating in the river.

The police and the medical team, who examined the body of the deceased child, have ruled out foul play as there were no external injuries were found on the body of the deceased. The cause of the death has been confirmed as drowning.

Chencho Dema / Thimphu

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