Three youths arrested for attacking bus passengers

Taba Community Police Center (CPC) arrested three youths for battery on November 5 before noon. The three are 17, 15 and 18 years old and two of them are school going while one is a school dropout.

On November 4, at around 6 pm, Mr. Phub Dorji, the driver and also the owner of the Lama Transport, a private public transport, reported to the Taba police that three boys under the influence of intoxication appeared from below the road and without any reason attacked his bus.

The incident took place when the driver was giving lift to two elderly passengers near K.W shop in Taba. Police said that there were 35 passengers in the bus including 15 continuing education students of Nima Higher Secondary School.

“Out of 35 passengers, two CE students got hurt. Dorji Wangchuk, 21 male got hurt on his forehead when one of the suspect pelted stones on the bus while the other victim, Pema Wangchuk, 21 male injured his right eye after he was hit with a mobile phone by another suspect”, the police said.

Police said that upon interrogation, the suspects confessed to having committed the crime under influence of alcohol. Further, they also admitted to have been involved in one larceny case where they frequently entered forest camps and stole firewood.

Based on their confession statement, police also located their hideout in the forest where they used to abuse drugs.

The case is under investigation and they will be charged for the offence of battery among others. The case of reckless endangerment, public nuisance, battery and failure to report crime are registered against them.

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