Thromde to submit proposal on relocation of two fuel depots to the Cabinet

After a series of unsuccessful discussions and consultation with property owners and the stakeholders, Thimphu Thromde will now submit the proposal on the relocation of the two fuel depots in core Thimphu area to the Cabinet.

Thimphu Thromde said traffic congestion in Thimphu has skyrocketed and risk of accident will be catastrophic in the core areas where the fuel depots are currently located.

Moreover, the existing BOD depot at Lungtenzampa is designated as Green Space System (G2) precinct to accommodate core gateway. The proposal is to link the precinct with Norzin Lam pedestrian pathway, and thus, create a symbolic entrance to the core city.

Thromde’s Urban Planner said, “The location has two plots belonging to Tashi Commercial Corporation, which has been identified as G2 precinct for core gateway project. As per the project, the entire location has been proposed for redevelopment.”

He said the entire relocation looks expensive. “Therefore, not to compromise on the overall plan, and fulfill what actually is required to achieve by doing so, we propose to relocate the portion areas towards the south only accommodating fuel pump and station. The location can have core gateway to greet visitors and decongest the traffic at all times, which is inevitable, being one of the busiest junction with cars coming from five to six directions,” the Urban Planner said.

Thimphu Thromde has proposed to relocate the BOD fuel depot in the Lungtenphu Neighborhood Node, which will cater to Southern LAPs. According to Thromde, 60 decimal land in G2 is equal to 27.27 decimal of land in NN.

“We proposed to allot 30 decimal to meet standard space requirement for establishment of fuel station. The additional 2.71 decimal can be adjusted from the compensation required to be paid for affected structures. And we propose to keep the balance area of 63.299 decimal of Plot no. Core-197 and 44.5 decimal under Plot no. Core-196 in the same location in the name of original land owner,” added the Thromde planner.

The Chubachhu fuel station is also designated as a Green Space System (G2), to be developed as extensive riverfront parks for recreational purpose.

“This location is proposed for a riverfront park. We propose to relocate it in neighborhood node, Hejo Samteling LAP, which falls in the northern part of Thimphu. The proposed relocation is strategic, being along 18 meters of road corridor. Also, it is as per the Thimphu structure Plan where the neighborhood node allows accommodating fuel station. The location will serve the northern LAPs efficiently.”

As per the Thromde records, Druk Petroleum Corporation Limited owns 45.915 decimal of land in the present location identified as G2 precinct. However, Thromde’s proposed location falls in neighborhood node precinct. Since the land value is different, based on the precinct as per compensation rate 2017, Druk Petroleum Corporation Limited is eligible for 20.88 decimal in NN precinct.

“Having learnt that the eligible area does not meet the standard requirement, Thromde proposed for 34 decimal to meet the space requirement. The additional excess area of 13.12 decimal is allotted to meet the space requirement. This excess area will be adjusted with the compensation required to be paid for affected structures,” the Thromde Urban planner said.

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