Thrompon assures no sewage overflow in Core area and Changzamtog from next year

Thimphu Thromde has plans to tackle the problem of stagnant waste water drains and sewerage drains, which has been a yearly messy problem, especially during the monsoon season.

According to Thimphu Thrompon, Ugyen Dorji, the biggest drainage problem arises in the core Thimphu area and Changzamtog area. The problem starts from Doebum lam to Centenary Farmers’ Market (CFM) in the core area and the Changzamtog area. The sewerage system was developed a long time ago and has reached its capacity.

He said that when it comes to drainage, there isn’t much of an issue at the other local area plans that were built afterwards.

However, during the monsoon and the recent unseasonal heavy rains, Thromde discovered that there was a blockage and overflow of the sewerage water, as a result of all the rubbish being poured into the drainage system. 

“We have problems, most of the time, in the CFM and Changzamtog areas. So, when we peered inside, we discovered that it had reached its limit, and not only that, but also that this was due to people throwing their trash and everything,” he said.

Thromde is trying to reconstruct the problem drainage areas during the dry season.

“We will ensure that no floods occur in those areas next year,” he said. 

Thimphu Thromde wants to ensure that there will be no overflow of water or floods in the CFM area, behind Norling Building in Dondrup Lam, and in Changzamtog, particularly near the Deki School. 

“I’ve even warned my engineers that if this thing shows up again, we’ll battle it out amongst ourselves. So, behind the Norling and Dondrup Lam, we’ve started digging, and near Deki School, we’ll do it right away. In CFM, we discovered a backflow problem, so we’re attempting to have our own technological intervention subsequently that whatever runs upstream may be diverted to the river down there,” he said.

He added, “We have been observing the flow every year, and we will ensure that there is no water flow next month. That’s what I’ve decided, and it’s something I’ve even discussed with my colleagues.”

According to the Thrompon, Thromde has started posting pictures of such issues on its Facebook page, and recently posted a picture of undergarments being tossed in sewer lines and elsewhere. This is being done in hopes of imbibing good civic sense and changing the people’s attitude to take care of their city. 

The Thrompon said that it is not the city, but the mindset of the people that need to be changed to address the problems.

“They are aware that such items (trash) should not be discarded in sewer pipelines or elsewhere. Huggies, sanitary pads, and clothing are the main causes of sewer system blockages. So, if you don’t alter your mind, what can the city do? Of course, if it overflows, the city will go there and remove it,” he said.

He added that people are taking everything for granted in the city, be it traffic, waste management, etc. Thromde is planning on making Thimphu residents pay for such violations through penalties.

“We believe we will have no choice but to impose a fine because we will be unable to change the mindset and behavior of the people living in the city, “Thrompon Ugyen Dorji added.

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