To be a digital storyteller

The Youth Media Center (YMC) in collaboration with Department of Information and Media, Ministry of Information and Communications (MoIC) is training its first batch of 35 youth in digital storytelling in Thimphu.

The Minister, MoIC, DN Dhungyel said that Bhutan faces an unemployment problem leading to unhappiness in the youth. Lyonpo said that YMC’s initiative to start such a training program can contribute in the generation of self-employment opportunities.

“15 days of training is not enough to make our youths marketable in job market, however, such initiative can make you skillful, approachable, and make employable in future,” said MoIC Minister, DN Dhungyel.

The Founder and Executive Director of YMC, Pema Dorji, said that storytelling has been part of the Bhutanese culture from time immemorial. He stated that it is an ancient form of communication, and now adapting to the new media technology and digital form of communication with a larger audience. He added that digital storytelling is a natural progression from oral storytelling.

“One might say that storytelling plus technology equals digital storytelling. It is not just about transfer of knowledge. It is also a movement designed to amplify the voice of our community. There is no experience required; effective digital storytelling uses the multimedia component of narrative text, images and sound,” Pema Dorji said.

He said that many people discover digital storytelling and how to use multimedia technology through workshops, further saying, “The benefit of knowing how to use digital storytelling by teachers, students and journalists, to create interactive learning and encourage maximum learning, is immense.”

The focus of digital storytelling training is on photography, storytelling method, and technology. It is expected to teach the use multimedia technology, and to share stories and issues. The resource person, a portrait and social documentary photographer from the United Kingdom, Mr AJ Heath, will train the youth in basic photography, interviewing, and editing skills.

The digital storytelling training which began on March 31 will conclude on April 15.

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