Tour guide–turned hotelier aspires to become a youth champion through politics

Sonam Wangchuk bwTwenty five year old Sonam Wangchuk always believed that being young does not mean being incapable of big responsibilities and today he has the chance to prove himself to the whole country.

All set and ready to become an example to the country’s youths he wants to prove that if you have the potential and capability then nothing can bar you from being who you want to be.

The 25-year old political office-aspirant will contest for the 2013 elections as a National Council (NC) candidate from the Dopshari village in Paro.

Sonam Wangchuk started his career as a tour guide at the age of 18 before joining Amankora as an assistant Manager. He gradually retired to join politics last year.

The very reason to start his career early was to face challenges and to stand on his own feet in life.

Sonam Wangchuk who graduated from Madras University feels that it is never too early to start and chase one’s dreams, if one is capable and has the potential.

“I have grabbed the platform to prove to people and also to myself that youth are capable and have the potential to do something for the country and also for the people,” Sonam Wangchuk said,

“If you are capable then experience is bound to come automatically,” he added.

Before his decision to join politics, he consulted people back in his village and family members where he received positive feedback. “They have faith in me and now it is my turn to stand up to their expectations,” he said.

Working in Amankora he was able to interact with different kinds of people from various sections of life and from across the world. This enabled him to improve his social skills and made him think of a political career.

Sonam Wangchuk said that he represents the youth and has been mingling with the people back in the village, understanding their issues at their level.

He said he can be the voice of his people in the parliament to address their issues and problems if elected.

Winning is not important but the platform he will be getting is to earn experience. For him at the end of the day, participation is what counts.

“I will try my best and give the best and at the end, accept the result be it good or bad rather than blaming. Making right decisions is what I want,” he said.

Talking about other contenders for the same post, he said that all his opponents are senior by age and experience, and he has respect for them. But he said people should decide themselves and vote for the right person.

“When people can look at the youth as voters then why not as a candidate? Youth should not be underestimated,” he said.

As of now he is mentally prepared and is waiting for the nomination date from the Election Commission of Bhutan (ECB).

Close friends who studied with Sonam Wangchuk said he comes from a middle class family, and the way he carried himself during his school and college days and during his service tenure will pay.

“During his school days, he had leadership qualities and was confident and popular among friends,” said one of his friends.

His father works for the Food Corporation of Bhutan (FCB) and has served for more than 20 years. His mother is a school teacher and he has a younger brother who is a student in the Royal Thimphu College (RTC).

Chencho Dema / Thimphu

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  1. I too agree on the above statement ,Sonam. I hope you remember me. But you have to keep in mind that  all youth are not same as you are. Tell me what assurance can you give us saying that all the youths are capable and potential. It is must to have an experience than not to have it atol and it is also not true that experience people makes a good leader. I personally feel that the quality of blood that circulate the body will determine the capability and  good leadership not the experience neither  the degree. Please never forget that you being capable and potential does not justify the youth of Bhutan being capable. Whatever, I am sure that you are in the right direction and should further proceed .All the best

  2. Simple laws, complicated Flaws

    This is what i wanted to see. I am impressed by the platform you have chosen. I personally feel only youth will be able to speak out the problems concerning the youth, further youth are farsighted and i guess bills that have to be revised every sittings shall not be tabled during your time.
    From sarpang too a young man is contesting who is still not on media, i feel it would be good to speak among yourselves and share your ideas and strategies of going about the campaign.
    All the best young man, we want to see the working of the young heads.

  3. oh you seem unbelievably extraordinary. You have had set a world record by completing you degree by the age of 18yrs old(6 months or twelve months degree?). I appreciate your courage and I hope it is genuine and not an attempt by a jobless wanderer to exercise his luck to get a 5 yrs well paying job which requires  doing nothing but just support someone else views and raise hand when voting on decision takes place.

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