Tour operator’s license cancelled and blacklisted by Secretariat of the Tourism Council of Bhutan

Meanwhile the case has been forwarded to the OAG

The Secretariat of the Tourism Council of Bhutan has cancelled the license of M/s Bhutan Kuenphen Tours & Treks with immediate effect and Dorji Tshering the proprietor of tour operator has been blacklisted by the Secretariat and barred from conducting tourism related business with effect from 6 December 2012.

The notification also states that anyone found collaborating with the above mentioned person will be held liable under the Tour Operators Rules and Regulations of 1999.

Meanwhile the case has been forwarded to the Office of Attorney General (OAG) after completion of the investigation on Monday by the police.

The 39-year old, Dorji Tshering, tourist guide is detained by Paro police after he was alleged of assault and sexually harassing a 29 year old foreign national of Melbourne, Australia in a drunken state on 5 December.

Sources told The Bhutanese the charges levied on the suspects were trespassing, sexual assault, sexual harassment, and official misconduct.

“The case is under review and based on it the proceedings will take place,” said an official from the OAG office.

The victim had flown from Bangkok on 4 December alone and was received as a tourist by the tour agency operated by the suspect.

During the course of a night out, the suspect in a drunken state sexually assaulted her. The victim who managed to escape from the drunken suspect informed the police. The incident had taken place near bird’s eye view, opposite airport, Paro. The suspect was arrested on 5 December from one of the hotel rooms in Paro.

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