Training for professional trainers

A light moment in between trainings
A light moment in between trainings

A two week program titled “Training of trainers on instructional methodologies” was conducted last week to upgrade training skills of training institutes.

The course was conducted by the training and professional services division (TPSD) under the Ministry of Labor and Human Resources (MoLHR).

19 participants from the different private training institutes participated in the training workshop.

The course is meant primarily for the training of the trainer’s skill (TOT) which is mainly to provide the training organizations with instructional staff who have mastered the basic competencies for effective field and workshop/lab instruction.

The senior program officer of the training and professional services division (TPSD), Karma Dorji said “if we don’t know where we are going then how can we say we have arrived”.

“With this we are looking at the needs of the private institutes, which have been conducting trainings without the proper co-curriculum. And also the trainers have not undergone any training under the methodologist. They didn’t know how to transfer the knowledge to their learners,” he said.

“The training we are holding out here is basically based on the four important modules which are instruction skills, instruction knowledge, instruction visualization and the instruction evaluation where for each module we have written-tests and micro-teaching for the trainers,” he said.

“The main objectives for the training was to enhance the quality of training delivery, develop a concept of effective instruction and to develop basic media skills,” Karma Dorji said.

“However the trainees will be awarded with the grade point award (GPA) in the context of Swiss content,” he said.

Talking to some of the participants Miss Bimla, trainee/instructor of Niche Institute of Management and Technology said “this workshop has proved very fulfilling. It is the platform where the private sectors can interact with each other and as a trainer I feel that every private sector should undergo this training”.

Januka Sharma, trainee/instructor from the Nyimsher Computer Training Centre said “In training of trainers (TOT), they trained us starting from writing the alphabets, and I can say that there are so many teaching strategies”.

Tashi Wangmo, trainee/instructor from Rigsum Training Institute said “Before it was like shooting an arrow in the dark but now I can say that the training was very important. They taught us from the basics and now finally I can go back and implement this method for the learners”.

Sonam Wangmo / Thimphu

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