Training Providers Geared for Employability of TVET Graduates

To provide conventional supply and demand-driven Technical Vocational and Education Training (TVET), trainers from the public and private sectors and Training Professional support Division (TPSD) attended a workshop to design and develop the training courses.

The training program will develop and design knowledge and skill courses that will help employability of the TVET graduates.

The Department of Human Resources under the labor ministry (MoLHR) is responsible to implement various TVET programs as per the labor market and achieve knowledge and skill courses.

Therefore in collaboration with Colombo Plan, Staff College for technical Education had conducted an in-country training program on “Training Course Design and Development”.

Labor Minister Dorji Wangdi said that providing quality skills with relevance in the market is priority for the labor ministry.

“Courses that are in demand in the job markets should be offered but with quality. It will speed up to make work ready, world ready and future ready,” said the Minister.

He said that if these qualities are implemented then the employment is guaranteed.

The core activity of the training program was mainly on how to utilize the systematic models, methods and process of Instructional System Design (ISD).

The ISD helps the systematic design and develops instructional methods and materials to facilitate the process of training and its development. It ensures that training programs are necessary, valid and effective.

According to the Labor report the ISD process includes the collection of the data on the tasks or skills to be learned or improved.

The analysis of these skills and task, the development of methods and materials would finally assure effective delivery of training.  Further it will enhance the delivery and enhance the employability of TVET graduates.

The Director for Department of Human Resources, Sangay Dorji said “during the training program participants discussed about on how to design and develop the relevant courses, the issues and challenges faced till now and prepare the action plan for the courses”.

In addition to that he said the action plan of the participants portrays on how the new designed and developed courses will be implemented in their respective training institutes.

The five day training program concluded yesterday in Thimphu with 28 participants, 21 from public and 8 Private training providers.

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