Trashigang NC elect explains his record landslide win

Sonam Tobgyel from Phongmey Gewog, Trashigang won the National Council (NC) Elections 2023 by securing 12,958 votes which was the highest votes among all NC candidates and a record landslide victory. Sonam Tobgyel had served in the Bhutan Broadcasting Service (BBS) for more than 20 years. He has BA Honours Art from Sherubtse College affiliated with the Delhi University.

Keeping in constant touch with people was his most important task, he said, and since his resignation, he has been travelling to 15 gewogs and 79 chiwogs, including the far-flung villages for three months.

“Reaching out to them matters. Also face matters. Through my profession, people have been noticing me for the past 20 years in TV, whereby, the people of Trashigang felt that I would be the right person to be their bridge in the Parliament,” he added.

He further said that people took him as a capable person with the fact that he would be in better position to raise an issue with check and balance, take up people’s voices to the relevant agencies including the Parliament.

He pointed out that his pledges are not fancy. First and foremost, abiding by the national laws and policies is important, which everyone should follow. Taking up the position in the NC, the first pledge he would take up is on the issue of need of a Yenlha thromde in the dzongkhag.

He said, “This is the time Trashigang should have a Yenlha thromde. People feel that having thromde would only benefit people and shopkeepers within the town areas, which is not true. Trashigang has 21 percent of people living in poverty.”

Thereby, if they can establish an extended Yenlha Thromde in the dzongkhag, all the gewogs will be benefited. It would also have positive impact on marketing the local produce. They feel the need of establishing Yenlha Thromde if they are to promote their dzongkhag.

He thanked the voters of Trashigang and voters living abroad for having faith in him. “I will take this position as a huge responsibility in bringing changes, and to make positive impact on the livelihoods of the people in the dzongkhag,” he added.

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