Trashigang police nabs woman for abandoning her newborn child

A woman was arrested by the police in Trashigang yesterday morning in connection to the abandonment of her newborn baby boy near Trashigang town.  It is reported that the woman has confessed to the crime.

The newborn was found abandoned in a bush, few metres away from Trashigang town towards the way to Rangjung, on Wednesday by a man while he was going for a short toilet below the road.

The man immediately enquired with a shopkeeper nearby for any information on the newborn. He then took the newborn to the hospital for medical assistance.

The Trashigang hospital staff treated and kept the newborn under observation for a day in an incubator. The officials say the baby is now in a stable condition.

The man who found the baby said he plans to adopt the baby. He said that he has received several offers from people across the country asking to adopt the baby.

Meanwhile, the police is still collecting the details from the woman regarding the abandonment of the child. According to Section 218 of the Penal Code of Bhutan, a person who abandons an infant or small child will be liable for a maximum of a three-year imprisonment and minimum of one-year imprisonment.

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