Trashiyangtse elects Tashi Phuntsho

A 40 year old, Tashi Phuntsho secured 2,717 votes through Electronic Voting Machine while the other contender Karma Gyeltshen secured 637 votes through postal ballot.

The two contenders received high votes in different voting schemes. While Tashi Phuntsho got high votes through EVM, Karma Gyeltshen secured high votes through postal ballot. Karma Gyeltshen lost to Tashi Phuntsho with 509 votes.

Tashi Phuntsho aspires to represent the people of his dzongkhag to achieve the GNH vision by bridging the government and people.

“I want to enact laws that are impartial and that protect every Bhutanese citizens,” Tashi Phuntsho said. He will serve to safeguard the interest of the government to determine the timely success of the plans and programs at the national, dzongkhag, gewog and chiwog levels.

The NC-elect worked with the ministry of education for about 16 years as the Education Monitoring Officer, Principal, Vice-Principal and Teacher. He has an M.Ed from the Paro College of Education and a B.Ed from the Samtse College of Education.

He was nominated from Yalang gewog.

Trashiyangtse has about 17,495 eligible voters. Out of 16273 votes cast in Trashiyangtse yesterday, female voter turnout was 8,349 and 7,924 male voters showed up to vote.


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