Trashiyangtse votes in one of each

The Druk Phuensum Tshogpa (DPT) candidate Dupthob has repeated his magic among the voters in the Bumdeling-Jamkhar constituency in Trashiyangtse by securing 579 of postal ballots and 1,767 of votes through EVM, and a total to 2346 to win from his constituency.

The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) candidate Thukten Tshering lost to the DPT candidate by 114 votes.

He secured 719 postal ballots and 1,513 votes through EVM.

Talking to this newspaper, Dupthob said that his winning did not call for celebration, but actually worried him as he had so many plans and promises to fulfill for the constituency, but now that he is in the Opposition, he is worried how his promises and pledges could be fulfilled.

If his party had won, his pledges and plans would be fulfilled, he added.

He said he was going through mixed feelings, happy that his people had still faith, trust, and confidence in him, but sad that he is in the Opposition party now, and doubted how he would benefit his people.

Meanwhile, the other DPT candidate of the dzongkhag’s Khamdang- Ramj ar constituency, Kezang Wangdi lost to the PDP candidate Sonam Dondup Dorjee. He could not be contacted and his opponent, too, could not be contacted as their phones were switched off.

Bumdeling-Jamkhar constituency has 8169 eligible voters out of which 4,221 are female voters while 3,948 are male.

The returning officer of the Bumdeling-Jamkhar constituency said that the voter turnout was not good.

Only 1,829 female voters turned out while 1,451 male voters made it to the polling station yesterday.

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