Trongsa NC candidates has educators as aspirants

As the National Council Election campaign has commenced, Trongsa has two aspirants who have been educators.

Sonam Penjor, 39, is contesting for a seat in the Upper House for the first time. With a Masters in Mathematics from Berhampur University, India and served as a teacher for 13 years.

He pledged to serve the nation with genuine dedication and being aware of people’s problems and help solve them. He also wants to call for equal economic development for all. In his campaign, he stated that if he is elected, he intends to listen to the people and inform the government to act accordingly so as to bring in developments based on the needs of the people.

Rinzin Namgyel, 45, is also contesting in the NC elections for the first time. Having finished Masters of Education from Archarya Nagajuna University, India, he has 19 years of experience in the field of education.

Having been a teacher for 6 years and then continuing on to be a vice principal for the next three years and serving as a principal for over 10 years, Rinzin Namgyel pledges to focus on self-sufficiency, Local Government empowerment, youth unemployment and promotion of culture.

Although both educators, with no pledges regarding education, which has been questioned by media, Rinzin Namgyel said that education should not be touched. “Education is an autonomous body and should remain as such. There are many experts who knows what to do with education and politicians should not touch it. Whenever politician try their hands at education, education policies are changed frequently which disturbs the system and as education is an important sector for the country, I believe we should not touch it. That is why, there was no pledges regarding education.”

According to Sonam Penjor, there was no pledges on education as the education reform is already being initiated with Kasho from His Majesty.  

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