Trowa Theatre – a story that is not entertaining

MP sonam kinga

During the recent National Council’s (NC) discussion on the report of Public Accounts Committee (PAC), I argued that the case of Trowa Theatre is one of policy corruption. Although both the print and broadcast media covered the deliberations in NC, I wish to further highlight why in my view this is a case of policy corruption.

This is not the first time that the case of Trowa Theatre has been raised in Parliament. Last year, the issue was raised during the presentation of PAC report. The Parliament passed a resolution asking the government ‘to resolve the issue as per the relevant laws.’ Amongst others, the Land Act 2007 is one of the relevant laws. However, the Ministry of Works and Human Settlements (MoWHS) proposed to sell the leased land to the owner of the theatre.

Selling leased government land to private ownership violates section 307 of the Land Act, which states, “Under no circumstances shall a land on lease from the Government land or Government Reserved Forests land be converted to ownership right.” Therefore, the proposal to sell the land was certainly not a means to resolve the issue as per relevant laws.

The proposal to sell the land was first made by the owner of Trowa Theatre in 2007. In order to address the issue, the owner had proposed three ways of resolving the issue: i) pay the lease rent at Nu.2 sq. ft per annum instead of the revised Nu.42, ii) the government buy Trowa Theatre or 3) the government sell the land to the owner.

A MoWHS report states that ‘a lot of discussion took place between the MoWHS and Mr. Kuenlay Wangchuck [the owner of Trowa Theatre] but a common ground was not found.’ In turn the Ministry explored the possibility of outright sale of land to the owner at a mutually acceptable price, procure the theatre at an assessed value carried out by an independent property assessor, continue on lease at a rent of Nu.20 per sq ft and request National Land Commission (NLC) to approve the sale of land at a price negotiated between National Housing Development Corporation (NHDC) and the owner of the theatre. In the end, the Ministry had decided to sell the land and requested NLC to approve the sale at a negotiated price. In other words, the Ministry had endorsed the proposal of selling the land, which was initially made by the owner of the theatre. A private proposal and a government endorsement to sell the land, which violates the law, is in my view a case of policy corruption.

The proposal to sell the land intends to benefit the owner of the theatre in addition to the economic returns he had generated when he had not paid any chetrum as revised lease rent. As of 31st May 2012, the outstanding lease rent was Nu.5, 237,074.92. Rental dues have definitely increased by a month and half now. The MoWHS report states, “In the meantime, Mr. Kunley Wangchuk continued refusing to pay the lease rent while the entertainment complex continued to generate income.”

Not only had lease rent not been paid, the owner had been allowed to operate the business entity and generate financial returns without signing any lease agreement with the government. What has happened is that a private business entity had been allowed to operate commercially on a government land without signing a lease agreement for six years, and yet allowed to generate income without paying any rental fee.

Although the former Honorable Minister of Works and Human Settlement approved the transfer of the leasehold from the former to the present owner on 17 February 2006, it took four and half months for the Secretary to instruct the Managing Director (M.D) of NHDC to draw up new lease agreement with the new owner.  The M.D took more than three months to write and request the new owner to finalize the formalities. Such delays are questionable.

In the many correspondences with the owner, the Ministry had only requested that the owner come to sign the lease agreement. What is noteworthy is that an agency of the Royal Government of Bhutan was requesting a private businessman to come and sign the agreement for six years without issuing any warning or stating consequence of non-compliance except for indicating a penalty of 24% for late payment of rental fees. The letters or correspondences did not instruct or require the owner to come. They only requested.

An example of the request sent by the M.D to the owner reads as follows; “The National Housing Development Corporation (NHDC) would like to request you to finalize the execution of Lease agreement for the Lease of Entertainment premises at Changjiji complex.” A note sheet states, “Despite several requests to settle the case, Mr. Kunley Wangchuk did not agree to draw up the agreement…” Another letter from the M.D to the Ministry’s legal officer seeking legal advice states; “…despite our repeated request Mr. Kunley Wangchuk has never agreed to enter into lease agreement at revised rate although he is currently making use of the leased land for commercial activities.”

It is very sad and disturbing that a government agency had to request a private businessman to come and sign the lease agreement instead of instructing or ordering him. Rather than the government agency, it looks as if it was the private businessman that was calling the shots. Besides these requests to him, one option of solving the issue that was considered by MoWHS was to procure the theatre at an assessed value carried out by an independent property assessor only if the assessment was agreeable to the owner. Why should not the assessment be agreeable to the government as well? Another proposal later suggested slashing the lease rent to Nu.20 per sq ft from Nu.42, a new rate fixed by NLC. It is reported that the owner was unwilling to pay even this slashed rent. Who is in control of the issue?

One justification provided by the owner of Trowa Theatre is that the lease rental fee was agreed at Nu.2 with the previous owner when the lease was transferred in his name. He reasoned, “Keeping in mind that the lease amount is Nu.2 per sq. foot annually for long term lease and for permanent structure we had taken this project from Sangay Dorji” [the former owner]. He had argued that the increase to Nu.42 was arbitrary. It is impossible that he would not have read the lease agreement signed by the government with the previous owner, when he had agreed to buy the theatre.

Indeed Clause 3.1 of the agreement states that the annual rent shall be Nu.2 per sq. ft but the next clause makes it clear that the rent payable shall be subject to revision as per government rules from time to time. The agreement was signed on 1 July 2001. The transfer of lease was agreed on 17 February 2006. This means that the rental fee was revised after more than four years and seven months based on the rate that Thimphu City Corporation was charging in similar cases. The owner would certainly have been aware that according to the first lease agreement, the government could revise the rent within the lease period of 25 years.

The Ministry had decided to sell the land more than two years ago, i.e. as early as March 2010. On the letter that the Trowa Theatre owner submitted to Hon’ble Zhabto Lyonpo, the approval note reads, “Please process immediately for sale of the land as per govt. rules,” and on the same letter, the Secretary instructs M.D of NHDC to ‘process for sale for land to Mr. Kunlay Wangchuk as directed…” On 1st June 2012, the Hon’ble Minister for Works and Human Settlement wrote a letter ‘requesting the Land Commission to kindly approve the sale of the Trowa Theatre land measuring 19500 square feet to Mr. Kunley Wangchuk…”

After deliberations on the PAC report, the National Council has passed a resolution stating amongst others that the land should not be sold and that the ACC should investigate the case.

The writer is the Deputy Chairperson of the National Council.

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  1. This article is an in-depth story by one of our NC members.

    I also wonder how did the Government allowed the private individual to operate their commercial activities on Government’s leased land for these many years without a signed leased agreement. Govt. didn’t even bother whether the businessman paid owed rental fee to the government.

    If the MoWHS propose that the land be sold to the private individual, will the Ministry accept such requests from other individual or businessmen who are running schools, intstitutes and organization on leased land?

    Will MoWHS accept the request of Kelki HSS proprietor if he propose that he wants to buy the land? Will the MoWHS direct the NHDC to “PROCESS THE SELL” if NGOs/CSOs and autonomous agencies propose that the government land be transferred in organization’s name for permanent ownership?

    Can THE BHUTANESE explore the total income or profit made by TROWA THEATRE through RRCO without paying single chetrum to the Government until now?

    Yes, there is already something fishy in this case. ACC should expedite investigation before either party cover up some crucial evidences! THIS IS A CORRUPTION!

  2. Tshering Gyelsten

    great….these are deep rooted coruptions in DPT , it has become challenging elephant.

  3. It’ll be one of the biggest challenges for the ACC. We all know why.

  4. Mr Sonam King. Dont act too smart. Try to understand the issue in its entirety rather than blaming the governemt alys. We know u are a PDP spokesperson in the NA but sometimes use ur brain if u at all have one

    • Dear kinder
      What to understand? everything are crystal clear. If you have any justification to make understand please elaborate. We are not blaming Mr. KW but application of law of the land

    • Kinder…don’t be a hypocrite now…..what is wrong in SK’s article. It has been well documented with concrete proof statements.

      • I disagree with your analysis, he has not been fair as he fails to tell us as to why the Trowa owner was charged Nu42 per sq/ft for the lease of the land when all other business entities were being charged only Nu20 per sq/ft. As per my understanding, this is the crux of the matter.

        This article actually clearly tells us that there were massive lapses on part of the MOWHS and if they had handled this case properly, such a thing would have never happened.

      • the 42/sft is not fair in the amount of the jacking up, but it is fair in that it was jacked up at the time of transfer and if Kinley Wangchuk didn’t want to pay that rate he should have also declined to take the plot. He’s trying to have it both was and that is not acceptable. And he also rejected the 20/sft rate.

        • I am not surprised that you have not followed the whole story, so let me try and explain it to you again. At the time the lease transfer was made, the lease rate was Nu2 per sq/ft signed with the RGOB for a certain number of years. In keeping with government policy, the lease rates were raised before the original lease term had expired. The only mistake the MOWHS made was to charge him Nu42 per sq/ft when the going rate was Nu20 per sq/ft as confirmed by NLC, armed with this knowledge KW refused to pay. And again what was the reason for the RGOB to negotiate a lease rate of Nu20, if they had done that earlier, than this problem would never have cropped up.

        • it seems like it is you who isn’t reading the story properly. The lease of 2/sft was for the first lessor. It was a different story once the lessor gave up the lease. Anyway the new rate was applied 4-5 years AFTER the original lease. KW doesn’t have the right to pick and choose what he likes of the lease. Take it or leave it.

    • kinder
      Are you an idiot.

  5. Dear Mr. Sonam Kinga,
       Thanks for sharing your opinion regarding the Trowa theatre. It is a clear example of nepotism, misuse of power, authority and influence and above all it is an example of great corruption exisiting in our system. ACC is granted with the power, therefore, they shoud use it……….. law is law be it the owner of the orchid seller at centenary farmer’s market or the trowa theatre owner. God bless bhutan; what will happen to the poor citizens if leaders does so……………….

  6. The NLC has repeatedly stated that the maximum lease rates charged for government land in Thimphu even now is Nu.20 per square ft, the question therefore is how did the then MOWHS minster decide to charge the Trowa Theater owner Nu.42 per square ft. Maybe the Hon’ble NC MP needs to summon the then MOWHS minister and question him, instead of somehow trying to blame the DPT government for this fiasco. The only mistake the present MOWHS minster made was to propose selling the land to the Trowa owner, the fact that NLC was never going to approve this sale, means that the only punishment that could be meted out to LYZ would be a reprimand, so why waste ACCs time and money investigating this case, as it is their hands are full with other corruption cases.

    • Any form of corruption needs to be investigated thoroughly. Most important of all is the policy level corruption. That is the mother of all corruption in our country today.

      • I agree but in this case, it will be the people at MOWHS ie Lyonpo Kinzang Dorji and his management team that would need to be investigated for lapses in implementing government policies and not the DPT. I wonder if Sonam Kinga NC MP actually wants Lyonpo KD to be investigated, my gut feeling is that his sole purpose for taking on the RGOB is to somehow portray himself as a crusader against the rich and powerful, but this time I think he has miscalculated big time.

        But whatever the reasons, they are certainly not honorable.

      • Monk makes absolutely no sense. LKD’s ‘mistakes’ if any, in no way absolves LYZ of his own original idiocy and proposal for corruption.

        • Haha. so on what basis are you going to prosecute LYZ, for proposing to sell the land on which the Trowa theatar stands, I have already told you, that, at the most he would get a reprimand.

          LKD is the root of this problem because it was during his tenure that the lease rates were unilaterally raised from Nu2 to Nu42 per sq/ft, if he had raised it to Nu20 which was the going rate at that time and than the River View owner refused to pay, their would be legitimate reason to drag him to court and for the ACC to get involved.

          Apkado, I am sure my explanation has gone way over your head, because, like I said I mentioned earlier, you never debate with any substance.

        • why talk about prosecute when you aren’t even accepting some culpability on LYZ’s part. Prosecutable or not it needs to be acknowledged as highly shady and incompetent on his part which then must work toward his being thrown out next round.

  7. I am very grateful to Dr. Sonam Kinga for highlighting the issue. Whatever may be your intentions or affiliations, this type of stand from you makes me believe that we have someone who has both intelligent brain and the brave heart, who is fighting to protect the law of the land which is made with a view to benefit the en masse and not an individual. Keep it up. And for those in MoWHS, I know u have not easy job but please make sure u think abt the king, country and people and not just one individual. Thanks

  8. I applaud Dr. Sonam Kinga. He is a possible next Prime Minister. Keep up the good work without fear or favour, countryman.

  9. I think this not the fault of Mr. KW since he is a businessman and do anything for money.
    Can anybody find out who is responsible to lease land with out agreement? who is responsible to collect lease rent? Who approved design and drawing and monitored the structure? What is the amount of BIT collected by RCCO by running theatre for last six years?

  10. Yangtsepa, at least you do see some sense in my arguments. The only question that needs to be answered here is, why were the Trowa land lease rates unilaterally raised to Nu42 per sq/ft from Nu2 per sq/ft, when the NLC has confirmed that the highest lease rates for government land in Thimphu even in 2012 is Nu20 per sq/ft. If the MOWHS had charged him Nu20 per sq/ft as charged to Damchen and other business houses and if he had still refused to pay, than the NC/ACC etc could have hauled his ass into court, unfortunately, it was the MOWHS which blundered as a result of which, the RGOB is going to lose much needed funds.

    Not only KW but for that matter, any other business man would have refused to pay the Nu42 per sq/ft, except maybe apkado, the way he is refusing to see our point of view. The argument made by NC MP, that, at a latter date KW even refused to negotiate into paying Nu20 per sq/ft which was the rate charged by NLC clearly confirms that KW had been charged much higher than what he he should have been, this one statement actually exonerates KW of any wrong doing.

    • Tshering Gyelsten

      Dear friends,

      Please understand there is bigger play here, it was not the intentions to hit out Trowa or any body, Mr. Kinzang dorji, ex most corrupt man who even exchange govt land in citty in pling to some barren land in thimphu and ACC is still sitting on that file. Thank god, His majesty did not appoint him as supreme court CJ.
      The reason he had reached to that figure is to hit bulls eyes to Tashi Commercial and manily Wangchuk dorji. They don’t even have eye contact. He had tried giving maximum trouble by having both way roads and pushing them to limit… now u can see one lane converted to handicraft sale….the land orginally was TCC. he wanted to see the impact in Pasakha where more and more factory was built by Tashi Gang, which he did not like…

      it is like saying in east timori saying: “when two elephant fight grass will suffer”

      • Dr. Sonam Kinga, why don’t you ask the ACC to investigate this, since you seem to be so passionate about curbing corruption in Bhutan or are you selective in people you go after.

        • I forgot, the king of investigative journalism in Bhutan, Tenzing Lamsang, you seem to be a sucker for digging up old corruption stories, so Tshering Gyeltshen has given you a lead in to one, so why not take it up or like our Dr. Kinga here, are you interested in stories with only a DPT twist to them.

          And please stop cribbing about not get advertisements from the RGOB, you even seem to be tweeting about it.

  11. samden drup matsug

    No wonder why LKD has left so many issues under his leadership from petty issue to major ones like construction of Supreme Court, Express Way, Ministerial Enclave and Isuna Highway. Due to likes and kins to eachother it will be extremely difficult to bring those involved people to task. So people need to really unite to bring these people to task and make accountable. No other than Dr. Gado made a moral resignation on such lapses. 

  12. To all those who have understood the story let me make a correctible error here. Mr. Sangye Dorji took all efforts to come up with idea and cost of erecting what you call it as Trowa (aka Chowa) theatre.
    No sooner was it completed, people floated rumours ‘the lease would be raised to Nu:42/sqft’. Fearing to dip further in loan mr. Sangay chose to sell the structure. Mr Kuenley W bought the functional theatre, fully aware of the lease rate.
    So is it that the lease agreement was never signed for the increased rate?
    Then why should some innocient pay for someone’s wishful thinking? After all he has his own right to be happy. Because Trowa be awarded as after-marriage dowry.
    The path and process of transferring property from Sangay to Kuenley was orchestrated by force within government. It is unfortunate someone lose, next we win.

  13. Apkado, your a real dumb ass, according to you, the lease rates were increased from Nu2 per sq/ft to to Nu42 per sq/ft from the day the lease was transferred to KWs name. Now if he was being charged the new rate which he refused to pay, on what basis did the MOWHS give him the land on lease if he did not agree to the terms of the lease. So the truth is that the lease rates were the same Nu2 when he took over from the original lessee which were later revised to Nu42 which he refused to pay.

    • For Example if this is my Land my decision will be 1. He has to pay the revised rate or 2. I will offer him reasonable rate for his structure and Finally if he is not satisfied 3. I will make him to Remove his structure and get back my land.

    • Firstly, dumbass to you as well.

      Secondly, there was no such thing as ‘from the day’ anything happened. NHDCL is being reprimanded because there seems to have a lot of lag in every step. There was plenty of time to think through.

      Brahma has brought up a very good point which though not proven, is plausible. Sangay Dorji did have enemies within the govt at the time, who in the end turned up to be DPT party members. If you recall he had a big problem with the Finance Ministry over the lottery kind of program he introduced. The govt overnight raised the tax from almost nothing to almost 100%. He had no choice but to shut it down. They had a court case as well which I think he won. 

      So it seems plausible that the same people also jacked up the rate, or at least talked about it, to 42 which could be the reason for him giving up on it. Seems like he got something because he didn’t just give it up, it seems he sold it. 

      Yes I agree this is all conjecture, but in a country like Bhutan, nothing can be ruled out at these levels. 

      Another point is that it was 4-5 years after his initial lease that the rate was introduced which according to the lease was the govt’s prerogative and right to do. At this point the Trowa theatre was still not built so he had the chance to give it up. If he didn’t like the look of 42/sft and the govt was not backing off, then why build the theatre? Seems like he thought once he built it then he couldn’t get kicked out even if he didn’t pay!  Sounds like a man with a plan! 

      Whatever happened in the past, the correct course of action now would have been for him to pay the correct lease rate, whatever it was plus penal interest (like the rest of us pay) and for the ministry to purchase the building at properly depreciated rates OR to simply auction it off to the next lessor along with the building. 

      To not even talk about charging the lease money and going forward with selling govt land was the final proof in proving that LYZ has gone senile and needs to be put away. 

      • What kind of an argument is this, if you are basing your arguments on what Brahma has said, then your a big idiot.

      • and ‘your’ a big idiot as well. 

        • Idiot because I sound sensible, unlike you who is the mother of all idiots on this blog, read some of the comments you have made and you will understand. Even when corrected, you refuse to accept that you are wrong.

        • and ‘your’ an idiot because you’re living in a world of your own self-built logic. 

        • just admit that LYZ is behaving like a crook or growing senile and PM is a nepotist and a dictator we can call it quits.

          • I told you, nothing related to the subject we are debating, why can’t you put your hate for the PM and LYZ to the side for a moment and discuss things rationally. You are blinded by your hatred for them and hence can’t seem to think properly. As far as LYZ is concerned, I don’t have too high regards for him, but as far as the Trowa case is concerned, the only thing you can fault for him is on his proposal to sell the land, the fact that the sale would have never gone through, means, no serious action can really be take against him.

  14. After all if it was some one from middle class what will be the situation. Do you think that govt.will leave that person to run the business with out signing the lease agreement and not paying the single pie for the Space. Instead they will order us to remove our structure and vacate the space if we fail to pay their rent in time. I think the Head of the concerned Department should fell ashame and he should be dealt accordingly.

    • Agey Haap, u r true it is as simple as u think, the monk and apkado are making unnecessary complex and high profile debate. As far as am concern trowa case can be solved as per the rule. It just became complicate when gov. attempt to solve the case by selling and favoring KW.

      The government has many option to solve the case fairly:
      1. gov can auction land including structure after valuation of building that can paid to KW,
      2. gov can buy structure can be used as office since many offices is occupying private building now,
      3. gov can leased again through tendering even KW can participate if interested with signing proper agreement (very important)
      4. gov can let me run theater another few years only as per rate and after paying off due amount including 24% penalty n BIT but with proper agreement
      ,5. gov can forfeit structure since KW has no bases to drag gov to court (as LYZ said, as no bases to drag me to court by not having agreement) i think it won’t be fair at least

      By this all points did i favour to any one? Please comment on this.

      Agey Haap,
      Though i did not know laws regarding land issue before but after reading many forums and comments i got following knowledge, it is very use full for me.

      1. No body has right to change gov. land to ownership right except HM
      2. Gov can lease land to anyone for entertainment, business purpose n re-renting etc
      3. If structures are build, ownership right for structure is only in lease period.
      4. If land is leased,it is not necessary to pay for the structure they built.
      5. I think gov can also revoke lease if it concern with national interest.

      But here both things are not happening:

      1. Mr. KW is trying to have ownership right of gov. land
      2. LYZ is proposing to sell the gov. land by making lame excuse
      3.Raising to Nu.42/cft making loopholes for argument ultimately may land up to Nu 2/cft.
      4.Laws are different for different level of people (KW vs poor women in Dagana) and also i don’t know now before last year, in Sarpang i don’t know other places, the orange fruits planted by poor villagers were auctioned by Dzongkhag authority as fruit bearing plants are in illegal land (gov. land) and they say amount earned from auction is distributed between agriculture sector and revenue sector.
      5. Gov can able to find small illegal matter in remote areas just collecting fodders for cows but not able to see disturbing scams in the heart of the town.

      • Please don’t put me in the same category as apkado, I have raised legitimate reasons to question this newspaper and the NC MPs intentions, while all that apkado has done is to personally attack the PM, LYZ and the Trowa owner, just because he hates them and for no other reason.

      • If PM and LYZ didn’t behave the way they did, why would anybody complain about them?

        • Anyway, we will have to suffer 6 more years of whining from this jerk, as PDP is no where in the picture and may not even get to be the opposition in 2013. So keep whining.

          • Dear the monk,
            Don’t say that PDP is nowhere. Your hypocrisy in Trowa issue does not make PDP useless. By looking at your attitude, I feel that you are not even fit to live in this peaceful country.

        • don’t know if you noticed but the whining is getting louder and more vocal from the public. Don’t presume there will be 6 more years.

          • Public as in a jerk like you, haha, don’t waste all your energy in one go, like I said , you have 6 more years, in that time you can do all the whining you want, whike we enjoy life.

  15. corrigendum:in above sl no. 4 it may be read as “gov, can let him run, instead of let me run” sorry for mistake

  16. The meanest govt in the world. a private individual ruling the govt. All those involved including the ministers and MDs should be put behind the bars.

    If a poor fellow does a smallest mistake, he is chargesheeted. If a high level individual does such a horrendous crime, it is snowballed here and there and finally saved. Is this an example of GNH?

  17. Please keep us updated on this story. Contrary to the title of the story, its quite entertaining.

    The foolery exhibited by LYZ makes me laugh no bounds, at the same time feel sad at the type of leaders we have elected, but keep it coming, we would like to know more of what happens with this case.

  18. the entire complex should be sealed and no business should be allowed to operate till a solution is made. then a businessmen will definitely visit the authorities, be it invited, ordered or requested. 

  19. The land was leased for 33 years and agreement to this effect must have been drawn with a lease fee. Therefore, the lease fee of Nu.2/- per sqft. should apply until 33 years unless there is a clause for variance in the lease fees. This is my opinion.

    • As per the tenency act we are supposed to have lease agreement only for Two Years and after Two year we can renew the lease agreement with certain % increase in rent. Also either the LESSE or LESSOR are not happy with each other or have some personal problems anyone of them can terminate or Cancel the lease Agreement either by giving one month Notice in writing or pay one months rent as liu of advance Notice.

  20. anyway what is being forgotten is that the Trowa theatre owner’s family has been living it up and benefiting from project to project within the past 5 years. They started modestly with one hotel. Then they got the trowa theatre, then they got a massive steel plant, then they got 1 of only 4 banks in the country, they have a chevrolet dealership which seems to have graduated to a Global Dealership…seems like they’ve become too big for a small country like Bhutan. So much wealth so fast. All they had to do was marry right. Such is this gnh country!

  21. I hope the current owner of the Trowa theater had at least paid the Income Tax, the media or any other organization must find out. (by the way, do we have the right to call revenue office and find out if a company or business agency had paid tax?) Otherwise the lessee of the this Trowa Theater must face court for evading tax. 

    While there seem to be a policy corruptions or whatever on the the part of MoWHS, the present government has no wrong-doing in it, other than Lyonpo Yeshey proposing to sell it which is a pathetic move on the part of the government. 

  22. The opportunity to establish business firms in Bhutan is open for all the CITIZENS. Every one can apply for TRADE license from the Ministry of Economic Affairs. It does not make sense simply envying others success. If you have the guts and means start your own business.

    For the income TAX PAYMENT, ask TL to verify from the RRCO, Thimphu

  23. Mr. Kinley Wangchuk is the more powerful them the Bhutan Government. the government have to request him for many times. our government can’t do anything to the big fish. they will always catch the small fish and put behind the Bar.

    the times had relay knock him to put behind the bar

  24. The key to solving the Trowa issue is, why were lease rates raised to Nu42 per square ft when by the NLCs own admission the maximum lease rate in Thimphu even in 2012 is Nu20 per square foot. All those against the Trowa malik should answer this question and if you were in his place would you have agreed to the unilateral increase in lease rates.

    • I think the NC MP, Sonam Kinga, the person who thinks he knows everything and the author of this story must answer this question. After all, he needs to tell us why he did not think it was important to tell the whole truth.

    • No the real key question is, when Kinley Wangchuk did not accept the new lease rate of 42, why did he go ahead and build the theatre anyway?

      And after that how has he been allowed to operate the theatre without paying even a single chhetrum for 5 years? 

  25. since trowa theater is under ACC…investigation and preliminary investigation have started why that theater is still running business…..wen any institution comes under ACCs scrutinity and investigation its business entity should be frozen but i see that theater is still running…may be its PMs relatives…..but what happened to DPTs motto of justice and equity…..

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