Tshering’s surprise win against popular Gasa incumbent

Tshering, 49, from Khatoed contested against the popular incumbent Dorji Khandu during the National Council Elections 2023 and won the election with 986 votes in what was easily the most unexpected result.

Talking about the win, Tshering said, “I feel very privileged and honored. I believe that I won because people placed their trust and confidence in me.”

Tshering said he has respect for Dorji Khandu, a well-known Member of Parliament. “I have nothing but huge respect for Dasho and he is a very well learned and a well-known public figure. Winning against him was an honour and I’m thankful for people’s choice to elect me.”

Going forth as a Member of Parliament, Tshering said that he will work for people’s peace and tranquility, and as mandated, will serve to make good revisions regarding governmental activities.

Tshering, with the slogan ‘Hope, Change, and Progress are the Fundamentals of the Nation’, has pledged to review the plans and policies of the government wherever necessary, review the developmental activities of the government, review the tangible and intangible cultural heritage of our country, and frame laws for peace and welfare of the nation.

Tshering has a Master’s Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies from the University of Montana, United States, and has served the nation for the past 19 years.

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