Tsirang PS arrested a 23-year-old man for raping a 19-year-old in her sleep

In a distressing incident that occurred on the night of 29 March 2024, a 23-year-old man was arrested by Tsirang Police Station for raping a 19-year-old in her sleep in Tongshina, Tsirangtoed, Tsirang.

The incident occurred at around 11:30 pm when the victim who was all alone in the house was sleeping and totally unaware such thing could happen.

The investigation into the case has revealed that the suspect visited the victim residence during daytime to deliver fodder for the cattle at victim’s house. After drinking two glasses of water, the suspect left. The victim was alone at home that time.

However, later that night, at approximately 11:30 pm, the suspect returned to the victim’s residence and entered through a window. The suspect had raped the victim while she was asleep. He used a condom during intercourse.

The victim upon waking up found the suspect half-naked in her bed and herself without pants. When the victim started crying seeing the suspect and herself in such condition, the suspect then put on his pants and left after apologizing to the victim.

After the suspect left, the victim went to her neighbor’s house, located about 50 meters away, and told them about the incident.

Later, the suspect’s mother along with the elder brother, and sister came to the neighbor’s house where the victim was staying in an attempt to negotiate, but the victim refused.

Initially the suspect denied committing the crime. However, during a joint interrogation, the suspect revealed the facts. The suspect confessed of raping the victim.

The suspect confessed that he used protection.

The investigation team along with the suspect revisited the scene of crime and found the cover of the condom that the suspect used. However, that used condom couldn’t be recovered. The brand of the condom cover found at the scene matched the condom seized from suspect’s coat pocket. 

The suspect has been detained for further investigation.

This report was filed on 30 March 2024, at 01:50 pm, with the incident occurring 27 kilometers from Tsirang Police Station.

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