TTIs solid promise to become Center of Excellence by Next Year

All the Technical Training Institutes (TTI) in the Nation signed a performance compact to achieve center of excellence in their respective fields on 18 September in a Technical Vocational Education Training (TVET) conference.

The compact would be an undertaking that the institutes will deliver within one year ranging from the implementation of Bhutan Vocational Qualification Framework (BVQF) and Competency Bases Training (CBT), strengthening the institutes’ management systems, enhancing institute-industry linkages, working towards the goal of becoming center of excellence.

The TVET is recognized worldwide as a driving force for any successful economy.

The labor ministry and the Department of Human Resources (DHR) have organized the annual TVET conference as a measure to ensure that TVET in Bhutan develops as per the needs of the nation.

According to the DHR Director Sangay Dorji the TVET had helped to achieve their resolutions at a satisfactory level during the two planned period.

The focus towards the 10th Five year Plan (FYP) was predominantly to achieve quality aspects of TVET system.  That was mainly to rebrand the TVET institutes as attractive as any other tertiary colleges.

Thus the major resolution of the two and half day of the TVET conference concretize and destitute around 5 TVET resolutions.

Therefore “Eight Technical Training Institutes would undertake these major resolutions and deliver within one year from today,” he added.

With this compact the labor ministry would deliver new system and harmonize the existing system across the board and achieve the center for excellence status.

Khuruthang Institute of Electrical Engineering (KIEE) in Punakha would be specializing on Electrical and Electronics while Samthang Institute of Automobile Engineering (SIAE), Wangduephodrang would achieve center of excellence in heavy machine operation.

The ministry is in the process to identify the center of excellence for Rangjung Institute of Electrical Engineering, Trashigang and Sershong Institute of Civil Engineering (SICE), Sarpang.

“SICE would probably deliver center of excellence in civil engineering after the completion of institute in DeKiling under Sarpang Dzongkhag,” said the Chief Program Officer Karma.

He said the Chumey Institute of Civil Engineering in Bumthang would specialize in traditional civil engineering.

The two Institutes of Zorig chhusum would continue to achieve the center of excellence in Zorig chhusum; the 13 traditional arts and crafts.

The Center of excellence for automobile enginnering would be achieved by Thimphu Institute of Automobile Engineering.

The Principals of TTI, said to achieve center of excellence and assure the quality of the trainings would curb unemployment and be at par to international countries.

On the other hand they were quite worried about the Human Resources and the limited equipments in the institute to achieve the center of excellence.

One of the Principal said they would try their best to achieve the center of excellence by strictly sticking to the guidelines provided to them while signing the compact.

The Chief Program officer, Karma said the TVET resolution is one of the key components to achieve 2.1 % of unemployment rate from 2.5%, today.

Labor minister Dorji Wangdi said TVET is the core area for the human resources development. Bhutan is one of the fastest growing nations and is in dire need of skilled work force.

“But the total turnouts for TTIs were just around 450 students, which indicate the shortage of skilled workforce,” he added.

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