Two arrested for stealing four donation boxes from a Punakha Lhakhang

Punakha police arrested two men in connection to burglary of four donation boxes which was placed in a Lhakhang named Khamsum Yuele Namgyel Chorten at Nyenzegang, Punakha. The theft had taken place on 8th June at around 10 pm.

It was reported that some miscreant had removed the window frame of the Lhakhang and had taken away four donation boxes from the Lhakhang. During their course of investigation, it was learnt that the suspect entered through the window and exited through the east door of the Lhakhang.

However, the Nangtens and other items in the Lhakhang were intact. Police team found four empty donation boxes below the Lhakhang and recovered Nu 520 from 100 meters below the Lhakhang.

Police upon questioning the lam, monks and others in the locality came across one man who stated that he had seen a 24 year old man who was from Toep, Punakha taking the donation boxes. With the information, police apprehended the suspect from Metsina on 10 June at around 06:30 am.

The suspect confessed to the crime but denied having an associate. However, police being suspicious gathered information and narrowed down in a 22 year old man who was from Lumang, Trashigang as the other accomplice.

The second suspect was arrested on 28th June. He confessed to committing the crime and the police in turn have recovered a total amount of Nu.11,417 (mixture of IC and BC) and various other foreign currencies left by tourists.


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