Two Bhutanese beaten in Jaigaon

Jaigaon Police intervened in the beating of two Bhutanese youth in Bhaw Bazeer, Jaigaon, on January 8 who were believed to be intoxicated on substances and were punching people on the street.

The two youth siblings, aged 20 and 17, were handed over to the Phuentsholing police and a medical check up indicated that they had not suffered any major injuries.

The statement given to Bhutanese police by Jaigaon police stated that the two siblings were suspected to be high on drugs and that were shouting and punching people on the street.

A group of people had surrounded them and started beating them. The Jaigaon police intervened and took them to a local hospital in Jaigaon. The elder brother was so wild that they had to tie his hands and legs to treat him.

Phuentsholing SP said that they might have been killed if Jaigaon police didn’t reach the crime scene. He said that the Bhutanese seem to go to Jaigaon and consume drugs thinking that their law doesn’t apply for them but the fact is once they commit crime in India than they have to abide by their law.

Phuentsholing police handed over the siblings to their relatives on the same night.

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  1. story is not so true yes they were being save by Jaigon police but they are into drugs and even their age are not correct they are not actually man age is just 14 and 18.
    Main story begins from Dolma medical shop around 5 in evening where their cell phone has been snatch from younger brother by one one same age and they just try to catch that boy but they couldn’t and while running behind the that boy suddenly local taxi came and step on elder brothers feet and he just shouted on taxi driver and driver was so wild and start beating up the elder brother and they took him to corner of bawbazza and he said chore chore and group of people unknowingly the story they started beating up and younger brother came in between and try to explain but they didn’t listen even he begged them saying take all cell phone, jackets and sum of only 500 rupees.
    After beating of one hrs Indian police came and caught both of them and police have separated them from each other and as younger brother was bleeding too much elder one said he want to see his brother police just clapped him and started beating with cane sticks after many time he got angry and he just kick to one of police and push him by saying i want see my younger brother and though he doesn’t hindi he try to explain in english but they are not ready to listen lo.
    Then again police tie his hand only not legs started beating like animals Indian police no mercy on people that we can see in website and he became unconscious and younger brother was already in unconscious as he was bleeding too much and may be Indian police was afraid that they might die and handed over to our Bhutan Police.
    if they were in conscious i think Indian Police might ask some money from us that for sure.
    About drugs they didn’t even use that was confirm by doctor their relatives have made to do urine test in hospital la.
    Thank you
    Its true story which i was present in hospital that day while they share the whole story.
    Please write story la for your kind information

  2. Thank you for the justice.

    This one brought me to tears.

    I can’t begin to imagine the trauma afflicted on the young boys.

    As much as we showcase our tranquillity, we are never truly safe. It’s time we take actions and precautions against circumstances that compromise our well being.

    What can we do to be safer?

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