Two bomb blasts in two months in the south

One after another there have been two minor bomb blasts in the south, first at Lhamoizingkha on the night of 19 September and another in Samtenling gewog (Bhur) in Gelephu dungkhag on the night of 15 October.

The explosion took place at around 12 midnight at Bhur, which is about seven kilometers away from Gelephu town.

In both the incidents, an improvised explosive device (IED) was planted near the bridges but no one was injured.

Sources said that from both the scene, pamphlets were discovered and said that the intentions of the suspects were to destroy the bridges.

The gup of Nichula gewog informed the police about the explosion at Hordung Zampa, Nichula gewog in Lhamoizingkha at around 11:40 pm.

A source said that some unknown miscreants had tried to blow up the suspended bridge by planting the IED below the bridge.


Chencho Dema / Thimphu

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  1. dear author,
    wat constitutes a bomb

  2. thank god, it was just IED, not more than that.

  3. Are we really secured, internally(4m corruption) and externally(4m ngolops)? What does our govt.has to say about it other than preaching GNH?


    Police n govt still doesn’t share info with us, they think only they should know the info n not us.

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