Two boys arrested for burglary

Changjiji CPC arrested two boys for robbing two houses on 3 February from Changjiji colony. Both the boys are school dropouts and are 17 years old. One is from Mongar while the other one from Tsirang.

From one house, they stole a canon camera, coronation coins and some dollars while from the other house they stole some US dollars, coronation coin, euro and baht. They entered one house through the veranda door and the other house through the window.

With information from the informer, police said that they were able to get hold of the suspect through one person who was carrying the camera and a few dollars.

Upon interrogation the person said that one of his friends gifted him the dollar and the camera. With this information, police arrested both the suspects and they have confessed to the crime.

Police said the robbery was worth more than one lakh and they could recover 50 percent of the cost. They recovered some euro and US dollars. The suspect had exchanged some of the euro for garments from a few garment shops.

“We have given back the garments to the respective shop and brought back the euro’s. We can charge them for receiving a stolen property but we have warned them not to repeat in future and have asked them to inform the police immediately”, the police said.

They police  could also nab one more suspect in relation to this burglary case. The case is under investigation to see if there is any further links with other burglary case.

In January and February, the Changjiji CPC alone has received more than ten burglary cases.

50 percent of such burglaries are happening due to carelessness of the house owners according to the police. Locking the door with big lock alone is not safe instead but they should always put on their lights to make it look like there is somebody at home.

Police also said that, they should inform their neighbor if they happen to go for a long tour or for a vacation. “Due to lack of neighbor relations they don’t know if a stranger is opening the door or if the owner is opening the door. So it is a must that they should know and be close to their neighbors”, police said.

Most of those involved in such burglary are minors, school dropouts and those with no jobs. In addition, this kind of case usually happens during mainly during winter school vacations.


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