Two drivers detained for stealing and selling construction rods

Thimphu police apprehended two drivers, aged 41 and 36,on 19 June for selling 42 bundles of construction rods. The complaint was lodged by the site manager of one of the private construction companiesin Thimphu on the same day.

The initial incident took place on 18 June. It was alleged that the driver sold 42 bundles of the rods to one of the shopkeepers in Wangkhag, Chukha.

Upon investigation, the driver confessed to selling the 42 bundles of rods for Nu 50,000.The actual cost of the 42 bundles of rods is Nu 146,000. He has also confessed to havingan accomplice, who is also a driver

Police said that the suspect was to collect Nu 50,000 from the shopkeeper on his way back from Thimphu. The two suspects will be charged with larceny while the person who has purchased the rods will be charged for possession of stolen property. Both the suspects are from Mongar and they are under detention for further investigation.

Section 255 of Penal Code of Bhutan (PCB) 2004 states that a defendant shall be guilty of possession of stolen property if the defendant purposely receives, retains, or disposes off the property of another person knowing that it has been stolen, or believing that it has been stolen, with the intent to benefit oneself or a third person other than the owner of the property or to impede the recovery of the property by the owner.

Also, Section 256 of PCB 2004 states that the offence of possession of stolen property shall be half the penalty awarded to a person who had committed the offence of larceny.

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