Two Ex-Dzongdas and one former NC joins PDP

The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) has introduced three more candidates. The party has introduced 24 new candidates from various constituencies till date.

According to PDP, “All the three candidates have vast experiences of having served long years in the civil service, holding important leadership positions.”

The three candidates will run from Chhumig- Ura constituency in Bumthang, Gelephug constituency in Sarpang and Kilkhorthang- Mendrelgang constituency in Tsirang.

“As the three candidates begin a new chapter in their career, the PDP is confident that they will continue to contribute to the process of nation building and strengthening of our democracy,” stated the party’s press release.

Sonam Rinchen

Representing Chhumig – Ura constituency from Bumthang, Sonam Rinchen, 59, is the former Dzongdag of Trongsa. He holds Masters in Public Administration from Pennsylvania State University, USA.

He said his decision to join the politics is to take a different platform to serve the people. “Politics provides that platform to closely serve the people, whereby I can also look at my demkhong and see what I can do.”

Moreover, his choice to join PDP is because of the party’s manifesto and its focus on empowering the local government. “I believe the party has achieved and fulfilled the people’s expectation, accomplishing almost all the pledges which leaves everyone to appreciate the party’s commitment.”

He further added that the party’s 12th Plan includes allocating 50 percent of the budget for the dzongkhags whereas in the past it used to be 30 percent. “This is one evidence of the party’s focus on decentralization and offering more authority to the local leaders.”

In a career spanning 34 years in civil service, he served as an assistant director, under secretary and deputy director of the Royal Civil Service Commission. He also served as a deputy secretary of Policy and Planning Division, Ministry of Works and Human Settlement. He was also the director of Department of Human Resources and director of Department of Occupational Standards Ministry of Labour and Human Resources before serving as the Dzongdag of Trongsa.

Harka Singh Tamang

The former Zhemgang Dzongdag, Harka Singh Tamang, 58, will represent the Gelephu constituency in Sarpang.

Prior to serving as a dzongdag, he served in the civil service for 34 years, starting as a trainee officer in the erstwhile Planning Commission and resigning as the Dzongdag of Zhemgang after which he served as a zonal planning officer of the Road Safety and Transport Authority. He also served as an executive secretary of Gelephu Thromde.

He said he decided to join politics so as to contribute more to the nation. “What I have served so far is not enough; for it gave me so much that it’s time to pay back to the nation.”  He said politics provides him with the opportunity to continue serving the nation and working closely with the people in all levels.

His reason to go for PDP is influenced by the party’s reputation and primary focus of decentralization. “I think the whole nation has to go for it.”

He holds an Honor’s degree in Urban Geography from DAV College, Chandigarh, India.

Kamal Bahadur Gurung

The former National Council Member, Kamal Bahadur Gurung, 51, will run from Kilkhorthang – Mendrelgang constituency,Tsirang. He has a Master of Engineering (Energy) – Electric Power System Management from Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand.

He said he chose PDP as the next platform for him to serve the Tsa-Wa-Sum. “The party and its leadership and the party’s track record in the last five years have encouraged me.” He also said that the people in his constituency wanted him join PDP.

He said that he aspires to bring a lot more in Tsirang in addition to what has been achieved so far. He said, “Although what everyone needs is development, the need for rural and urban is quite different,” he added he will be able to bring in some pressing issues faced by the people of his constituency.

Prior to serving as the Member of Parliament in the National Council from 2013 to 2018, he served as a computer programmer, an executive engineer and manager in Department of Power and as a senior engineer and senior manager in Bhutan Power Corporation Limited (BPCL). He also served as a senior project manager of Rural Electrification Project, BPCL.

As Member of Parliament, Kamal Bahadur Gurung served as Deputy Chairman of Good Governance Committee, Member of Special Committee for review of Hydropower Policy and Strategies and Member of Joint Parliamentary Committee for amendment of Local Government Act among others.

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