Two found misusing monk robes while committing a burglary

A 29- year-old man from Wangdue and a 36-year-old man from Trongsa have been arrested by Thimphu police for burglary on July 28 at around 4:15 am from Chubachu, Thimphu.

Both the suspects wore monk robes to attract less suspicion while committing the crime. They are unemployed.

An alert call was received from the person on duty of guarding the Craft Bazaar. He informed the police of the burglary and that two persons dressed in monk robes had fled the crime scene.

The police immediately searched for the men and caught them near BPC office. Upon interrogation, the suspects denied to committing the crime, but the police managed to recover the stolen items from a bush near BDBL office. Police said the suspects had hidden the stolen items there.

The stolen items, eight handwoven silk kiras, four yathra bags and one yak tail, are worth of more than Nu 400,000.  After continuous interrogation, the suspects have confessed to the crime.

Police said that the suspects will be charged for impersonation as well.

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