Two Fuel thieves detained along with the buyer

The community police center at Taba busted a racket of fuel (diesel) theft and seized 307 liters of diesel on 1 March from one of the shops in Dechencholing, Thimphu.

Frequent cases of fuel theft from trucks, tripper, and excavators belonging to Nima Construction located near the Pangrizampa in Dechencholing, Thimphu was reported to the community police center at Taba.

The Officer in-charge of the community police center at Taba said “With no clues and suspects, police were not able to crack down the case on 1 March. When the site engineer was making rounds around the site at around 8 pm, he noticed a man stealing fuel from the truck he used to drive.”“He was caught red handed and later he revealed another name of the driver involved in the case,” the officer said.

The case was then reported to the community police center at Taba and upon investigation it was learnt that the suspects sold the fuel to one of the shopkeepers located near the construction site.

On searching the house, police recovered 307 liters of diesel which was hidden in one of the empty rooms of the shopkeepers shop.

On questioning, the shopkeeper said on that particular night of 1 March, the 48-year old driver had come for a drink and was drunk. He had asked for an empty jerry can so that he can bring fuel from the truck.

When the 36-year old shopkeeper had asked him not to steal, the driver had denied it and had left the shop. That was when the suspect was caught and handed over to the driver along with another driver. Later the shopkeeper was also arrested.

The two drivers were charged for larceny and the shopkeeper for possession of stolen goods.

In a statement to police, the driver had said that almost all the drivers working for the construction were involved.

The case is still under investigation.

 Chencho Dema / Thimphu



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  1. These people have killed the goose which laid golden eggs.

  2. the drivers of royal bhutan army are very much involved in stealing and selling diesel. one of the trading point is the deki pelden’s building at Changbangdro where the office of Dzongkha newspaper Druk Melong is located. almost everynight you can see army vehicle coming there to sell the diesel to one of the client who has hired one room in the ground floor of same building. that room is filled with barrels and large jerrycanes with diesels without any fire safety measures which is not safe for other tenants. It is funny that the druk melongs journalist are aware of this practise and yet they remain quiet. this is a country of GNH

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