Two killed in car accident

A 35-year old teacher and 32-year old warden of Sengdhyen Lower Secondary School in Dorokha under Samtse dzongkhag were killed in a car accident which occurred around 9pm on 26th March.

There were five passengers in the car, all of them school staff. They were travelling to a place called Yabala, a small barn to shop for cheese and butter to celebrate Sherig Century  on 2nd May.

The driver was the school principal.

Police stated that the Tucson car dived about 200 meters from the road when it took a slight turn.

The incident happened in Choitari Dangra in Dorokha about 3kn from Yabala. The car was believed to have veered off the track when the back tire slipped.

According to Samtse hospital authorities, of the deceased, one died on the spot while the other one who suffered from intensive chest injury died after being administered cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).

One of the survivors said that due to heavy downpour the place was foggy and they waited for a few hours for the rain to stop but when the rain failed to cease they started out on the journey.

One of the deceased was from Damphuchen in Dorokha and the other was from Sarpang.

Three other passengers suffered minor injuries and they are undergoing treatment in Samtse hospital

Meanwhile the police are still investigating the probable cause of the accident.

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