Two men arrested for false report

On 16 October, Thimphu police apprehended a man in connection to a false report stating that a group of boys had beaten him up and robbed him of his mobile phone.

Upon investigation, it was learnt that the man was neither beaten nor robbed of his mobile phone.

In addition, police said that the suspect made a false report because he was afraid of his relatives and of going home. However, the reason was not known as to why he was scared of going home.

Similarly, the police arrested two men on 21 October from Bjemina for false reporting. The two men work as private security personnel in one of the private industries in Bjemina. They had initially reported to the police that they were beaten up by a group of men in their apartment on the same day.

However, after a thorough investigation, the police found that the report was false. The two suspects were drunk and had broken out into a fight with each other. The incident was reported to their manager before reporting to the police. They also suffered from minor injuries and were taken to hospital as the case was reported to the police.

Police said that no individual had entered into their campus. The men had lied and decided to report the case to the police because they felt that they would lose their jobs if the management had come to know that they were drunk and fighting in their apartment.

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