Two non-nationals arrested in Samdrupjongkhar for supplying drugs to Bhutanese

The Samdrupjongkhar Police has detained two non-Bhutanese for possession and supply of illegal substances to Bhutanese in Samdrupjongkhar town.

Based on a tip off, the two men were arrested on January 30 at around 4 PM, from the lower market.

One is a driver (27) while the other, is a scrap collector (26). Police seized from them 145 capsules of SP+ and 8.27 grams of dried marijuana. On questioning, both suspects confessed to supplying the pharmaceutical drugs to youths in the town.

Police also said that, on testing, both the suspects tested positive and have been detained for further investigation.

Meanwhile, Thimphu police apprehended 56 people including five women in the past month in connection to possession of controlled substances and for illegal transaction of controlled substances.

From the total arrest, Thimphu police seized 6849 capsules of SP+, 648 tablets of N10, 38.15 grams of dried marijuana, 1101 ml of thinner, 2 numbers of correcting fluid and one bottle of corex.

Police said that, they are yet to get an exact figure of detainees and number of abusers, which has been forwarded to BNCA for TAP.

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