Two stabbing cases over wives in Paro

Paro police apprehended a 43-year-old man on 16 October for stabbing a 38-year-old taxi driver to death. The incident took place the same day at around 12:30 AM in the morning.

The suspect is from Orong, Samdrupjongkhar and is a petty contractor. The deceased man was from Drametse, Mongar. The initial complaint was lodged stating that there was a fight going on.

The incident took place when the suspect found that the deceased was at his ex-wife’s place in Drugyel, Paro. According to the police, the suspect and his wife got divorced few weeks before the incident and during that day he went to visit his children who were staying their mother, the ex-wife.

Out of anger and jealousy, police said, the suspect stabbed the deceased twice, one through the right chest and one stab to the right lower back. Police said that by the time they reached the crime scene, they found the deceased lying dead on the floor.

Police also said that the suspect also stabbed his ex-wife once in her right chest, however she is now in stable condition. The suspect is under detention for further investigation. The deceased was survived by his wife and three children in Mongar.

Meanwhile, in connection to a stabbing case in Paro on 8 October, where 38 -year -old taxi driver stabbed a 22 -year -old man at Geptay for sleeping with his wife, it was learnt from police that the victim is now in a stable condition. However, the suspect is still under detention.

The suspect had found his wife and and the victim having sexual intercourse when in a moment of rage he stabbed the victim.

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