Two suicide cases from Trashiyangtze and Trashigang

A 37- year-old farmer from Tsergom, Yangtse, Trashiyangtse was found hanging from a branch of a tree below his house on May 16.

At around 8:30 pm, May 16, a complainant had lodged a complaint to the police, over a phone call, stating that the deceased had committed suicide by hanging.

The incident took place 10 km away from the police station. The police team, upon reaching the crime scene, found the body already laid on the ground. It is reported that the father of the deceased had removed the rope from the neck of the deceased after finding him dead.

Police said that, upon interrogation with the father of the deceased, on May 16 at around 7:30 am, the father of the deceased had attended a meeting held in the gewog center, and on returning home from the meeting, he had found the deceased sitting in the kitchen.

Afterwards, the father had left for planting chili saplings in the field. It was then that his 8-year-old grandson came saying that his father (the deceased) was heading towards the bushes with a nylon rope in his hand. The father then immediately went in search of deceased and later found the deceased hanging.

According to the villagers and the father, the deceased had been drinking since a week ago. No external injuries were found except for a ligature mark around his neck.

As per the hospital official at Trashiyangtse, no foul play is suspected and the body was handed over to the father.

Similarly, a 40-year-old woman from Uzorong, Trashigang committed suicide on May 13 at around 7 pm. The deceased leaves behind two daughters and one son. The family was residents of Khaling, Trashigang.

Khaling Gup said that there were no reported domestic problems in the family, but it was learned that the deceased, who used to be a heavy drinker, was cutting down on her drinks.

The incident took place after a deceased returned home after attending a Rimdo in their neighborhood. It is reported that the deceased had come home drinking alcohol.

She was later found hanging from a rope in the storeroom. The husband, along with his sister, had tried to resuscitate her but it was too late.

Police stated there was no foul play involved.  There were no external injuries to the body of the deceased. Police handed over the body to the husband in the presence of Tshogpa and villagers on the same day.








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