Two suspected serial rapists arrested


A 23-year old and 24-year old, both ex-soldiers from Paro were arrested for aggravated sexual battery a few months ago in Thimphu.

They are believed to have committed a series of rapes and burglaries. They would follow working women at night, grab them from behind and rob them of their belongings and other valuables.

Some of the cases have gone unreported but these two suspects have been on the prowl for long.

In one incidence, the rapist battered a young woman while she was defending herself and also took her belongings while in another incidence the two men assaulted and strangled a woman late night in her apartment. They intended to rape her but she was saved by a neighbor.

The suspects are accused of brutal sexual assault on one young married woman and they molested, battered and robbed an unmarried woman.

The case involved a number of attempted rapes under similar circumstances. A few victims fought back the offenders.

The suspects will appear in the court for the final time before the ultimate judgment soon.

They will be accused on a number of counts.

Rape and attempted to rape cases in the capital are believed to have plummeted after their arrest.

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