U-16 defeats Nangpa FC 6 to 1

Player from Nangpa Fc trying to score a goal(Photo Courtesy: Upasana Dahal)
Player from Nangpa Fc trying to score a goal(Photo Courtesy: Upasana Dahal)

The Thimphu league B division match is currently in full swing at the Changlimithang ground. Yesterday the U-16 defeated Nangpa FC with 6 goals to one.

The match started well for both the teams as they fiercely defended their areas. The match got more interesting when the striker, Yosel Dorji of  U–16 Team scored a goal 33 minutes into the game. The Nangpa FC tried their best to score a goal before half time but it was all in vain.

Player 23 from Nangpa FC passed the goal to Player 12 but missed it. Player 23 of Nangpa FC made another attempt at a goal but unfortunately misses for a second time.

The second goal was scored by U-16 at 53 minutes after half time.

The goalkeeper of Nangpa FC saved a lot of goal attempts from the U-16 but still they scored their third goal at 54 minutes and it was done by Kelzang Wangchuk of the U-16.

Just after a minute Nima Dorji of U-16 scored another goal. It was a glorious moment for Nangpa FC when they scored their first goal at 70 minutes.

The Nangpa FC defended quite well but eventually conceded defeat. The last two goals were scored by Kelzang Wangchuk at 90 and 91 minutes respectively.

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  1. Wow, what atrocious reporting, it looks like the only area of expertise this paper has is in investigative reporting and in negative reporting.

  2. good essay from a primary school student.

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