Umling in need of additional health staff, teachers and an engineer

Although everything else goes well in Umling gewog under Sarpang Dzongkhag, be it health facilities, quality of education given to the children in School or developmental works in the five year term in the Gewog, there is a deeply-felt need of additional number of health staff, teachers and an engineer to address its problems.

The current strength of existing health staff, teachers and an engineer in the Gewog is not enough by a long shot for 445 households residing in the gewog

A concern for the gewog which Gup Ugyen Norbu interpreted is clearly visible in shortage of Doctors or Health Assistants (HA). The Umling Gup said at times if even those already stationed should go for workshops etc. there would be a huge problem for people.

However, such a gravity of problem has not been encountered by the gewog. The Gup expressed that the need would become most pressing sooner than later.

The Gewog BHU has only four health staffs including the HA.

When it comes to teaching staffs in Umling Lower Secondary School (LSS), there are only 13 including three temporary staffs. Regarding the issue, the Gup talked with the school authority for additional number of teachers about which the School felt mutually.

“At least 15 to 16 teachers are required for the school for better teaching-learning process since children are the future leaders,” the Gup said.

The issue was discussed several times with the school authority and later the issue was forwarded to the Dzongkhag through the school.  It is learnt that the matter will be addressed accordingly.

In addition to that, shortage of engineers is another issue and this is what the Gewog is going to face where three gewogs of Tareythang, Chuzergang and Serzhong along with Umling gewog, is managed by a single engineer.

“This shortage of engineer will hamper the next phase of developmental works because for even a small work, we have to depend on the engineer,” he said.

Earlier the gewog had two engineers for four gewogs which means one engineer per two gewogs. Likewise, the gup feels it would be better if there is one engineer for every gewog if not at least two engineers for four gewogs.

The Gup said, “These three things are the main concerns and something which the people and concerned authorities should know. Because if something bad happened in the gewog, I will be blamed for being head of the Gewog,” he said.

Umling Gewog is 60 kilometers away from Sarpang Dzongkhag. The Dzongkhag has 12 gewogs under it.

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