Understanding home quarantine SOP for travellers

On 21 March 2022 the National COVID-19 Taskforce approved the standard operating procedures of home quarantine of seven days for people moving from high risk to low risk areas.

All travellers who have not registered for home quarantine will be required to register using the ePass system. They should call the helpdesk if they require assistance with registration.

This list will also be shared with the monitoring teams.

The monitoring will mostly be through phone calls. If there is any breach by an individual, the monitoring team shall report this to the respective Task Force and it will be increased by 7 days.

In the Gewogs the quarantined individual will be allowed to come out of their house to do their household chores and agricultural work without mixing with people.

All travellers shall be tested one day (day-zero) before entering Home Quarantine. Travellers who test positive may be isolated or may home quarantine.

On day 7 of their quarantine period, 10% of the people who tested negative during the day-zero test should be randomly tested. If these people test positive, they will be required to extend their home quarantine for 7 more days. Thereafter, they will be allowed to travel without testing.

Travellers who test positive during the day-zero testing will be allowed to travel on the 7th day without having to do any testing, unless disallowed by the Health Team.

Travellers who have recovered from COVID, will need to register and be home quarantined for one week. However, they will not have to be tested when entering or leaving home quarantine. If they are symptomatic when the quarantine period is over, they should be tested.

In case of emergencies, the Dzongkhag Task Force may grant approval for people who have recovered from COVID to travel without quarantining.

The taskforce shall arrange transportation for people who do not have private vehicles. Travel by bus will be free of cost.

Travellers from Thimphu and Paro shall follow the existing SOP and quarantine for one week at their destination. All travellers will be tested before starting travel.

In case of emergencies like death, medical and other emergencies, the Dzongkhag Task Force will facilitate as per existing norms.

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