Unsafe Thimphu

Dear Sir,

I am shocked to learn about such a gruesome crime of a man actually being hacked to death near a major shopping area. I have a feeling that crime in the capital city of Thimphu is on the rise and the police and various other stakeholders should do more to counter it.

First of all I think the police should do more frequent and aggressive patrolling of various parts of the city especially the crime prone areas. They should think of adopting the ‘broken window’ policy adopted by the New York police where by getting tough on even small crime they can prevent a bigger crime.

I think the police have been taking it easy on gangs of drunk and dangerous people just moving around at late hours. The latest incident could have been an outcome of anti-social elements feeling more free or less under pressure. The police have to claim back the streets and narrow alleys of the city back and question youth who just like to ‘hang out’ there.

Secondly I think the Thimphu thromde should ensure that all parts of the city are well lit at night. Broken lights and dark alleys are only an invitation to anti-social elements and criminals. Currently large parts of the city including many roads and residential areas are in the dark which encourages crime under the cover of darkness.

Thirdly local communities and businesses should take the initiative in taking up the responsibilities in their areas. If they see a gang of youth creating a scene in an area they should immediately inform the police and at the same time also prevent such occurrences through collective action. Unfortunately Thimphu being a city lacks the sense of local community and each is left to his own. I think even basic things like the residents of a building looking out for each other will make a world of difference.

Fourthly parents need to take care where their kids are going or with whom. I cannot understand how any responsible parent can allow their children to roam around late at night. There are obviously also some parenting issues and lack of parental control.

All of us can make Thimphu safer for us and our families. The authorities like the police should do their job better while the ordinary public should also come forward and help. Remember it could be you next time.

Sonam Tenzin 

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