Using social media responsibly

During the 26th meet the press yesterday in Thimphu the Minister of Information and Communication D.N Dhungyel said that Bhutan has a social media policy and it can be used for constructive purposes rather than for destructive ones.

The minister was responding to a question on a social media policy raised by reporter.

“As of now, Bhutanese people have been using social media sensibly but off and on we have come across unhealthy practice of sharing news,” the minister said.  “We do have Social Media Policy, we have incorporated certain restrictions on what can be shared and what cannot be shared or what news can come into social media.”

“When we go into using the social media policy in a stronger way and when we are able to implement it wisely, we may be able to curtail the issue of social media problems in a better way.”

Minister of Economic Affairs Lyonpo Lekey Dorji said people nowadays are writing and posting any sorts of defamation or accusation anonymously. It is unethical and it would be credible if one writes ethically.

“I have been a first blogger and I have always come up with my name,” the minister said.

Lyonchen Tshering Tobgay said in the recent time social media issues has seen landmark cases where some people have been dragged to court for defamation and one must be very careful whenever writing something.

“Enjoy your rights while protecting the rights of the others, make social media a safe place, credible place, a platform where we can collectively make a vibrant discussion and debate can take place,” Lyonchen said. “Social media plays a vital role in sharing information, I did not know about Mongar fire and came to know about it through ‘We-Chat’ and it has also played vital role during the recent floods.”

Lyonchen also said that social media could be used for writing about national heroes, showcasing dangers, improving life style of fellow citizens through writing constructive views. “We can make it serve Democracy, our people and our country,” Lyonchen said.

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