Vehicle and driver missing after plunging into Punatshangchu

As of the evening of November 10, search teams were still looking for a vehicle and its driver that had reportedly plunged into the Punatshangchu River at around 8:30 pm on November 9, near Samthang, Punakha.

Police were informed of the incident at around 3 am the next day by a ranger with the Punakha forest range office.

According to police a 27-year-old man from Rangshikar, Trashigang, was driving the alto K10 car that had dropped 64 ft from road into the Punatshangchu River. The vehicle was moving from Punakha towards Wangdue. Brake marks at the accident spot measures 9 ft according to police.

“The body and the vehicle must have submerged as the river is still and doesn’t have a flow.” police said. The father of the deceased has been informed.

The search team comprising RBP, forest officials and dessups have been searching the area since yesterday.

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