Villagers promised payment in exchange of support

People in Drujeygang and Tshangkha under Dagana are ever more of the view that in their over-zealous drive to campaign for Druk Phuensum Tshogpa (DPT), party workers are on verge of dividing households in the community.

This, according to them, is happening through certain amounts being promised to individuals to make sure they vote for the party on the poll day.

Talking to one of the well known faces in the village Tashi, 30, said, the people in the village have stopped looking at party manifestos and capability of the candidates, wherein certain divisions are now appearing among people.

“Tshogpas are influencing people in the village with promises that once they are registered as supporters they will be paid with ‘some amount.’ Now I feel it will be better if we don’t have any party workers in the gewog,” said Tashi.

A resident who served as a village Mangmi, Thapa said, “It will be fine for us whoever gets the capability to rule the country and even the party workers are trying their best to woo the people by asking votes.”

“The DPT party workers are doing their jobs well, but I am still wondering if they are allowed to visit the public’s residents during night hours asking them to vote their party. Several times I also saw the MP of the DPT party, himself visiting the houses during night times for the votes and saying about the membership talks if the public vote for their party. So if the DPT party keeps on asking the votes from the people during the odd times also then how will it be possible of the opponent party to win,” he added.

People are not happy with this behavior of party workers to ask for people’s votes. They say there is no use of village representatives like Mangmis and Tshogpas in the gewogs if their aim is to differentiate between parties and divide people.

Sonam Wangmo/ Thimphu


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  1. is dis da last resort for da DPT to gain votes? damn! bt PDP’s too hav taken da same steps. waiting for a change though.

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