Violent drunk dies after falling from a building

A 28 year old man from Changaykha gewong under Phuntsholing succumbed to multiple fractures on the head and knees. The incident took place on 29th of December.

According to the report issued by Phuntsholing police, the informant who is an ex-army man and resides in the same building with the 28-year-old deceased, called 113 and reported that a man under the influence of alcohol was kicking and smashing his door and abusing him. When the informant opened his door, he was suddenly kicked on his forehead.  The complainant somehow managed to drag the drunken man outside his balcony and lodge a complaint to the police.

Three eyewitnesses who reside opposite to the building where the incident took place said that the deceased was seen kicking the door several times and throwing a plastic chair. After that when the tenant did not open the door, he started pushing the door with his back for two times and then saw him falling down due to his own excessive force from the fourth floor of the building located near the Phuntsholing lower market. The balcony of the building is said to have low railings. The two men did not know or encounter one another before.

When RBP investigation team along and with Dr. Karma of Phuntsholing hospital proceeded to the scene of crime, the man was found lying dead on the floor.

After police and medical examinations or investigations, the dead body was handed over to the relatives of the deceased.


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