Visually impaired students record songs dedicated to His Majesty the Fourth Druk Gyalpo

Schools in Trashigang have combined their effort and talent to launch a special music record that contains nine songs to be released on November11. The music and songs are writtenand composed by the students. For the historic birth anniversary event, the schoolswill also organize a LIVE concert that is scheduled to happen November 10.

Principal, Muenselling Institute, Dorji Wangdrup, said that teachers and the students from three schools in Khaling along with the local communities will gather at Khaling Gonpa for a day-long chanting of Benza Guru. The gatherings and events are being carried out to express their gratitude to the Fourth King Jigme Singye Wangchuck.

“We are independent and the Bhutanese identity is flourishing because of his leadership, contributions and sacrifices,” the Principal said.

Muenselling Institute will install a two-foot high Jambeyang statue in the school. Further, the visually impaired students will join rest of the school to perform the songs composed by them to people in Trashigang town and communities from the nearby areas.

A teacher with Khaling Lower Secondary School, Phuntsho Wangdi, said that on the morning of November 9, the villagers along with the students will offer their sincere prayers and pay homage to His Majesty’s sacrifices and incredible deeds.

“Everyone of us shall spend a moment to reminisce aboutsome important deeds among many… We are fortunate that we took birth under a magnificent King, I feel extremely blessed”

Meanwhile, another teacher from Muenselling Institute, Kuenga Chogyal, said the Fourth King has played an important role in enrolling the visually impaired

children in the education system, and helped them to receive equal opportunities basedon their competency level.

He added that His Majesty the Fourth King gave his precious times to visit the institute a number of times and imparted valuable speeches of encouragement to the visually impaired students, about equal opportunities in any field that is same as that afforded to the normal students.

He said that although the students could not see how their King looked like, however, they are able feel the radiance of the King through his speeches.“His Majesty has inspired every disabled child to be somebody in life,” a grateful Kuenga Chogyal added.

He said that those students who came without aim and had required extra care were able to find their own way after coming to the institute. The institute believes in the motto, “Education for All and Seeing the World through Fingers”.

He added that the past and present students hold a deep sense of gratitude for what His Majesty the Fourth King has done and sacrificed for the country.

“May you live a long and peaceful life andmay the flag of Pelden Drukpa continue to flutter high under the reign of Wangchuk Dynasty,” he added.

The institute has currently 40 visually impaired students, and apart from their regular classes, the students also get to learn computer skills, music, physical education, dances and Driglam Namzha.

Muenselling Institute in Khaling is the only institute for the visually impaired. The institute has so far nurtured and shaped the lives of many visually impaired people in the country. The institute was founded by a Norwegian couple and was established in 1973.

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