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Voice of Bhutan scholarships helps transform lives

As the second season of the Voice of Bhutan draws to a close on 6 July, a once in a lifetime opportunity is on offer for the winner of the competition. The winner gets a full scholarship to National Institute of Technology (NIT) in Perth, Australia or a cash prize of Nu 500,000, depending on the contestant. The second prize is a full scholarship to Centurion University in Odisha, India.

Despite facing challenges in finding sponsors for the show, the show proprietor and host Chencho Dorji said the singing show is not just about making a profit, but it wants to better the lives of the participants for good.

“We were asked to advertise NIT Australia on our show, but instead we asked for one full scholarship for the title winner. Similarly, we have other scholarships that are on offer for the contestants of the show,” said Chencho Dorji.

Other educational scholarships included DIT Dehradun, MIT Maharashtra and other colleges, institutions and high schools in Bhutan who have offered a full scholarship or a tuition waiver.

Chencho Dorji said he struggled in securing his education during his years in school and that is the motivation behind the scholarship prizes. He said that he saw himself in some of the contestants, their struggles in life, and that is why he made sure that he would try to help as many contestants as he could.

The scholarships are not just on offer for the top 5, but even the eliminated contestants have a chance to try out for the 11 scholarships that are available.

The eliminated contestants who are in need of financial help to fund their education are all being looked after by the show.

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