Wai Charo beats Youth and Sports in 3 rounds

Archers dancing to celebrate a shot

In the ongoing archery tournament in Changlimithang two matches were played on 29 and 30 November.

Thus far the teams which have been knocked out are BNBL, Chari Tshen, Dhajuden Lhenkha, Mountain Journey, Karma Auto and Bhutan visit from Pool A and BSMT archers, Trowa 11, Namcha united, Charo 13, Semtheun ma, Youth and Sports, and Drak Tshen 11 from Pool B.

The match between Wai Charo and Youth and sports took a longer time and dragged on to 3 sets.

It was a golden moment when Lhendup from Wai Charo shot an arrow and hit the target, people on the other side began dancing to enjoy the moment. Archers from Youth and Sports kept missing the target and more disappointment hit the team when they stagnated at 1 point whereas the opponent had 10. The next day Youth and sports lost to Wai Charo.

The winning team will get prizes worth Nu 11,000 and also receive a rolling trophy worth Nu 600,000. Today the quarter finals will be played between BPCL and Tshoche Gap from Pool A and Druk Green and Drokpo 13 from Pool B.

Upasana Dahal

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