Wait for free WiFi and Suung Joen App

During the Question Hour session of the National Assembly, Member of Parliament (MP) from Bumdeling-Jamkhar asked the government to give an update on the status on the government’s popular pledge to offer free Wireless Fidelity (Wi-) and the Suung Joen Mobile Applications (App).

Revisiting the pledges, the Information and Communications (MoIC) Minister, Karma Donnen Wangdi, reiterated that there are three aims of the pledge. First, by using the Internet, the people can have access to the services provided by the government, it can disseminate information and relay announcements on time to the people with a click, and through the Internet, people can easily communicate faster.  Another milestone pledge is Drukyul Flagship Program. The minister highlighted on the importance of roles played by the Internet in the 21st Century information era. Additionally, he also informed the House that information and communication technology (ICT) is flourishing in Bhutan.

According to the MoIC, the information management system has been established alike international standards for the convenience of every individual. Digital Drukyul Flagship is aimed at connecting all the information management systems. This will help provide service to the citizens effectively. The Digital Drukyul Flagship program can provide other services and can also help in coming up with free Wi-Fi and Suung Joen App, as per the plan.

Lyonpo Karma Donnen Wangdi informed the House that Suung Joen App is one of the important pledges that the government made during the campaign. The works are ongoing to make the Suung Joen app functional as soon as possible, he added.

Lyonpo said, “Suung Joen is an Internet App, and just like a vehicle which needs a route to travel, it also requires a route and we are planning to provide the route through WiFi. We need these two things- Suung Joen and WiFi  together and in the absence of one, things will not go right.”

MoIC is working on the  Suung Joen App by discussing with the relevant stakeholders.

“It is important that the government provide services of Suung Joen App and WiFi to the people of 20 dzongkhags within 5 years, and we have to also make sure that while providing such services, it will benefit the people,” the MoIC Minister said.

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