Wait for party President puts DNT registration on hold

After its failure to woo potential women candidates the Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa (DNT) has now settled for a male party president to lead the party. According to the party spokesperson the would-be president is an in-service ‘government servant’.

“If possible we wanted to have a woman president but it did not work out” said party spokesperson Dr. Tandi Dorji.

The DNT had thrice approached Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) chairperson Dasho Neten Zangmo but she refused. However, three women candidates have confirmed their candidacies with the party while at least three women are contemplating their plans to stand as DNT candidates.

The party spokesperson said DNT lays strong emphasis on women and youth but its first priority is toward the vulnerable and marginalized in society and to bring them on the mainstream.

“We want to alleviate the poor, which can be done through taxation policies. Rich can be become richer but poor can also grow simultaneously,” said Dr. Tandin Dorji.

He said the DNT party has people from all walks of life which can be considered a plus point for the party.

“Most notably we want people to vote consciously and we expect our youth to believe that DNT has the best option for them,” said the spokesperson.

The party has started works on its manifesto and will have it out in public by end of July. The spokesperson said public opinions gathered from its party meetings in the constituencies have shown very positive inclination toward the party.

The DNT as of now is still not a registered party with the Election Commission of Bhutan (ECB) which means it is still not bonafide by the book.

The party spokesperson said the party will register with the ECB as soon as it gets a president.


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