Waiver of electricity bill will probably not happen: MoEA Minister

With the rising cost of commodities, rents and electricity, many people had hoped that the Bhutan Power Corporation (BPC) could waive off the electric bills, or even a certain percentage off of the bill amount.

Earlier the Prime Minister Dasho Dr Lotay Tshering said that the government has talked to the BPC regarding the matter.

As the month has ended, people are waiting for the government to make a decision regarding the waiver of the electricity bill, however, Economic Affairs’ Minister Loknath Sharma said that the government has not taken the decision, and it probably will not happen.

“We have seen the data consumption, and lot have things have happened during this time like price of fuel increase, and so we need to see all the aspects,” Lyonpo said.

BPC CEO previously indicated how eliminating power payments for a few months might have a significant influence on BPC revenue and the country, as a whole.

“If we don’t collect the revenue, we won’t earn any profit, and there will be no dividends or taxes to send to the government. At the conclusion of the day, we pay a dividend to the DHI, which is subsequently distributed to the Ministry of Finance. Our revenue would be impacted by waiving the bill, and our remittance to the DHI will be affected negatively,” he had said.

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